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Jan 28, 2008 04:55 PM

De Mole in Sunnyside still great!

Hadn't been awhile, and was going regularly until I went on an extended diet, but went today for a late lunch, and everything was just great, and service is just so kind there. Excellent grilled chicken quesadilla, guacomole, shrimp tacos, rice and beans, shrimp burrito, Orange Mexican Soda hard to find brand, Orange Flan--that tastes like spiced cheesecake somehow-------all at a great price, with good portions.

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  1. Went recently for a light lunch. I had the sauteed spinach quesadilla which was truly outstanding and one beef taco. Of course, the very good complimentary salsa with those addictive chips and an excellent Lemonade. Yes, still great and very good prices. I go at 2PM and service is always excellent. I avoid the Burrito's only because of the enormous size. Someone mentioned the hot chocolate being good.

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      Probably me, I love the mexican hot chocolate (it's great to go, also), and the coconut and orange flan. Sometimes I ask them to make a grilled chicken and garlic spinach quesadilla and it's great...and I also always get a shrimp quesadilla not on the menu, but they'll make any combo of what you want, and it's great. The best deal there is the breakfast egg dishes, really great Mexican eggs, and sides...that and a hot choc is perfect.

      1. re: janie

        They should add more veggie options to the menu, and I know there's already a few. Lately they've been offering a seitan special and even when it's not mentioned, my friend asks for it and they often have it. Of course if they became known as a better vegetarian place it'd be impossibly crowded. I agree on the breakfasts, not being vegetarian myself, the Chorizo and Eggs is amazingly tasty and a steal at the price it is.

        1. re: Widmark

          agreed wholeheartedly on the chorizo w/ eggs...just went a few hours ago with a friend who's not regularly in this area of the country and prepared him for "something i'd heard was among the best mexican in NYC."

          neither of us were disappointed & i'll be back many times. and that fresh-squeezed orange juice tastes more like a fresh piece of orange than any OJ i've ever had.

          quiet inside and small; great authentic, relaxed feel. everybody seemed very friendly. they even carved some extra length off the nozzles of the hot/medium sauce bottles when they saw how much trouble my friend and i were having.

          the prices are sensational too--thank you all for this great rec.

        2. re: janie

          how do they get their eggs so perfectly fried like that? the huevos rancheros there are the best i've ever had.
          i often get shrimp tacos, which aren't on the menu, either, but delish.

          1. re: tracyk

            I agree on the huevos rancheros. I felt like I was getting away with something paying so little for such a fantastic breakfast. I just expect to have to pay through the nose for such deliciousness!

            It would be great if you didn't have to BYOB.

            1. re: cobbler

              speaking of breakfast...get the fresh squeezed OJ. I don't know if it's because the juicer is used to juice other wonderful things or if it's whipped up in a certain way, but 9 times out of 10 when I get it, it's just the most heavenly awesome OJ in the world.

              1. re: Widmark

                Ditto. If we ever leave the neighborhood I think de mole might just be the thing I miss the most. We've been doing breakfast once a week for months now, and never get tired of it.

                The dinner is great too ... something like this would make a pretty perfect meal: scallop ceviche, spinach enchiladas, hibiscus water and tres leches cake.