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Jan 28, 2008 04:40 PM

Lento - Rochester, NY

Anyone else been here yet? I went a few weeks ago with some girlfriends on Thursday night which is their "Vegetarian Night," though their regular menu is also available ( They apparently serve foods that are local and I think most, if not all, of their ingredients are organic. The chef is pretty creative and the dishes all sound delectable on the menu. However, I was a little disappointed in my homemade pierogies. I love bechamel sauce but this one was a little too heavy and the pierogies seemed slightly overdone (though, perhaps I unfairly compared them to an old favorite recipe I used to dine on in NYC). The warm salad also sounded better on the menu than it tasted off my plate -- I'm still trying to pin my finger on what I didn't love about it. I snagged bites of the flan (heavy on the goat cheese) and quiche (of the entrees we had at our table, I think I liked this best), but all of the food seemed extremely rich to me which is weird since I can usually eat rich foods without a problem. I thought the food was good, but for the price, not Great. For the prices they have, I want something stupendous. I did however love the upside down pineapple cake (which came with a sprinkling of pomegranite seeds) - so to that, I give kudos. The coffee was a bit on the weak side.

One of my girlfriends is a vegetarian so she loves it here since there are so many creative dishes as opposed to the "standard boring fare" that most of the other places around here have, so I'll probably be going back. I'm curious as to what other people think and if they have dishes to recommend. I'll give any place a second chance.

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  1. Thanks for leaving this review. Did you happen to see the not-very-good review in City Newspaper this week for Gusto's?!

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      just popped over to the website to check it out. too bad for gusto's. i haven't been -- is the review accurate?

      1. re: nerdchick

        I ate there once and had a panini I think. I don't remember much about it! Still, I like the restaurant reviews in City. The D&C does fake reviews IMO.

    2. I've eaten at Lento and I love it. Highly recommend you check this place out. They are having a special Vegetarian dinner on July 30.