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Jan 28, 2008 04:35 PM

Fun & Romantic Restaurant near Brooklyn Brewery?


My fiance & I are going to Brooklyn Brewery for drinks. Do you have any recs for a fun & romantic restaurant nearby?

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  1. Not sure if you want to make the switch from beer to wine, but DOC Wine Bar is nearby and always romantic and fun.

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      DOC Winebar is an excellent choice and really couldn't be closer. If you want additional options, Zenkichi is also quite close and offers arguably the best, most elegant japanese in the neighborhood, and Aurora is another fine choice for romantic Italian (albeit about 7 blocks further South than the other two). Run a search of this board for additional context on any of these places.

      My vote would still go to DOC Winebar for its sheer rustic charm.

    2. Sweetwater Tavern is pretty low lit and they have a great grass fed rib eye.

      1. if you're going to the brewery for drinks - treat yourself to a mini pub crawl

        - you should also make it over to barcade for a few more drinks - they have an incredibly impressive list of beers - and 1980's style arcade games.