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Jan 28, 2008 04:27 PM

Where can I find canned chipotle chiles in adobo?

I'm entering a Superbowl chili cookoff at work, and I want to find chipotles in adobo as a secret ingredient (well, I guess it's not so secret now, is it?)

Anyone know where I can find them in or around Boston?

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  1. Pretty much any grocery store - Whole Foods, Star, Market Basket, etc. The brand I see and use often is Empacadora San Marcos. Any other good brands out there?

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    1. re: digga

      That's the brand I use. I have a photo of their Chilpotle sauce online with my Lamb Shanks Braised in Chipotle-Coffee Sauce recipe. That will give you an idea of what you are seeking. I've bought both the sauce and the Chipotlles in Adobo at Whole Foods on River Street.

      1. re: digga

        The La Costena brand in the 7 ounce can is relatively ubiquitous. I would caution the poster to use them sparingly. A little 7 ounce can could put your entire office staff in the ER, or at a minimum cause the smoke detectors to actuate by mid-afternoon :)

        1. re: Veggo

          i agree. when i make a pot of chili i'll use about 3 chilis sliced up and about another tablespoon of the adobo sauce. this is in addition to oregano, cumin, and chili powder.

      2. star in porter square has it in their attempt at an "ethnic aisle"

        1. Hannafords in Quincy carries them.

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          1. re: Pegmeister

            DeMoula's/ Market Basket carries them.

            1. re: tweetie

              I used to always find them at the Somerville Market Basket, but for the past year or so it's been way more miss than hit.

              1. re: tweetie

                The Middleton MB does not have chipotles in adobo.

            2. To add to the hitlist, the whole foods on cambridge st in boston has them.

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              1. re: jgg13

                Throw in a nice dark stout as well, my secret ingredient.

                1. re: phatchris

                  ahh, i prefer a nice brown ale. but i agree, beer gives such a deeper depth of flavor.

                  1. re: cambridgeMike

                    a cup of very strong coffee works even better than beer imho

              2. Last night I picked up a can at Shaws in the Back Bay.