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Jan 28, 2008 04:16 PM

Lovely stop at Cuchi Cuchi last Sat.

My spouse and I were in Central Square pre-theater and decided to try sitting at the bar at Cuchi Cuchi, where we had never been. We arrived very early, at about 5:45, with no reservation, and we were almost the only people there--within 15 minutes, however, they were slammed and the party had started. We had glasses of the Quinta da Alorna Portuguese red, which was fantastic--we should have ordered a bottle, since it was only $27. We had four tapas: the St. Jacob's zucchini, the chicken Kiev (both deep-fried, melty, salty, and scrumptious--the apotheosis of comfort food), 3 "cornets" of tuna tartare/avocado mousse/sour cream (good, but needed a shot of acid, maybe; the tuna was a little dull and pulpy), and the scallop ceviche with mango and banana (good balance of sweet and acid). The servers who attended to us at the bar were terrific, making us feel taken care of even as they mixed endless blackberry Cosmos for the crowds that were gathering behind us (including at least two bachelorette parties). Spouse couldn't resist having a Manhattan for dessert after seeing all the cocktails going past, which he said was well-done. We were out, sated, happy, and buzzed by 6:45, deeply satisfied and only about $70 lighter. It was exactly the right atmosphere and a lot of the right food to combat an icy January evening, and I'll definitely be going back before winter is over.

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  1. Glad to hear you really liked this place. I'm always touting Cuchi Cuchi for something out of the ordinary and usually people end up really liking it.

      1. I've only been twice (soft opening night and one other time) but I have to say - those blackberry Cosmos are pretty darn good. :-)