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Jan 28, 2008 04:14 PM

Help! I need a Fredrick, MD restaurant

Help! i am trying to find an upscale restaurant in Fredrick, MD that offers excellent atmosphere, and food. Preferably seafood or steak. Thanks

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  1. Check out The Tasting Room. They have a website and probably the most classy place in Frederick. I prefer the Bentz St Bar and Grill for fun. Although they have a sports bar atmosphere, I have never had a bad meal there and it's much cheaper.

    To help out your's Frederick MD.

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    1. An afterthought for Frederick recs is Henning's. It's a very authentic German restaurant with a quiet atmosphere, great service and and a wide variety of german beers on tap. They also have a menu on line.

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        Another German place not far away in Hagerstown with a lot of atmosphere is Schmankerl Stube.

      2. Not sure what your definition of "excellent atmosphere" is, but if it includes being able to converse with your dinner companions, The Tasting Room will make that difficult. The food is very good, but the acoustics are terrible and you pretty much have to shout to be heard. Just a few doors up the street is a restaurant called Acacia that is also upscale with very good food and a much lower decibel level. I much prefer it to The Tasting Room.

        1. I'd give Dutch's Daughter a shot. Great steaks and seafood (especially crabcakes). Atmosphere leans towards more formal (for Frederick)--dark wood, fireplaces--but attitude is never stuffy.

          Dutch's Daughter
          581 Himes Ave, Frederick, MD 21703

          1. In downtown Frederick, I would recommend Firestone's -they offer both seafood and steak. Dutch's Daughter has great seafood and steak and could easily accommodate a large group. I've heard Henning's has great food, but have not heard great things about there service. Also, check out G. Hunter's. Good luck!

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              Quynn's Attic just opened in December on Patrick St., east of Market, upstairs above the designer bakery and is supposed to be upscale and sophisticated, no reports yet. Zagat has a bunch of Frederick listings and they're doing their annual survey if you want to vote and get the free book. Isabella's is Spanish and is considered a date place, easier to talk (and less attitude) than Tasting Room.

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                Firestone's makes the Tasting Room seem like a library by contrast. Extremely loud.