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Jan 28, 2008 04:04 PM

Staying at the Ritz in Dallas...Food Advise please..

Can I get recommendations on any of these restaurants or what is the best fine dining steak house in Dallas or best fine dining period?

Central 214


Nick & Sam’s

Dallas Fish Market

The French Room

Arcodoro Pomodoro



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  1. Nick and Sam's is hit or miss...but it is the place to see and be seen.

    My favorites would be Abacus and the French Room.

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    1. re: BellaDonna

      Thank you for the insight.....The Ritz gave me the list and I wanted something for a business dinner that is why I was looking hard at Nick and Sams..

      1. re: mikecho

        Popular destinations for business dinners would be Fearing's, Stephen Pyles, Abacus, Dallas Fish Market, and Nick & Sams.

    2. Lots of local 'hounds will say: York Street, Lola, Bijoux, Stephen Pyles, and Local should be on your list. I would put all of these above Central 214 and Hibiscus - I think the service at Hibiscus can be rude if you aren't obviously young and rich. For Mexican, while I like Trece, I prefer Cafe San Miguel (they both can be loud). The French Room is always a treat. I'm not big on steak, as I save my protein binges for Peter Luger in Brooklyn (why blow big bucks on places that could be as good as Luger's, but choose not to be?). Fearing's is wonderful.

      1. Is this good>>Dallas Fish Market??

        1. if you aren't from NY, go to craft steak in the W hotel. nobu is not as good as the locations in NY or vegas. but if you have never been to a nobu, i'd recommend it for the experience. steel is also very good for sushi.

          abacus is wonderful, but i haven't been since tre wilcox left. lola and york street are fantastic too. arcodoro is good, but i prefer the one in houston.