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Jan 28, 2008 03:21 PM

Need a birthday cake delivered in San Francisco

Hello! I am looking for a good bakery who will deliver a cake to a Nob Hill restaurant this Saturday. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!

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  1. I cannot think of a decent bakery that delivers. For something different Maggie Mudd makes Ice cream cakes that are very good and fun. You would need to check with the restaurant to see if they have enough room in their freeezer, then it needs to come out about 15-20 minutes before served.

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      Lori...thanks for the tip. I hadn't thought of that kind of cake, but it sounds fun!

      1. re: JENNYBEEAY

        Ice Cream cakes have been an hit at my parties.

    2. Victoria Pastry looks like they will deliver. Maybe a St. Honore cake?


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        Thank you. I'll check that one out too!