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Jan 28, 2008 03:14 PM

Batali in Westchester?

Maybe the rumors were true!!!

Just read about this @ Lohud

and Craigslist

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  1. I heard rumors awhile back too. How exciting!

    1. This would be a VERY welcome addition to the area. Not to mention a very hard reservation to get.

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      1. re: amanda3571

        I'd prefer the middle of the road places improve, if needed, or ramp up their advertising to attract more customers and thus stay open, to yet another overpriced restaurant opening up.

        1. re: dolores

          I think it's unfair to assume right now that this would be another overpriced restaurant, since we really know nothing about it. Andy Nusser is listed as the contact and his restaurant Casa Mono is very reasonably priced.

          1. re: dolores

            I would hardly think any member of the Batali empire is overpriced. In fact, Casa Mono, Spotted Pig, Lupa, Otto and Bar Jamon are downright bargains! Babbo and Del Posto are more than splurge worthy. There are more than a handful of Westchester restaurants that charge as much as Babbo yet cannot delivery anything close to Spotted Pig.

            1. re: pabboy

              Based on what I've heard about Lidia's place in Manhattan, I'll believe it will be a reasonably priced restaurant when I see it.

              1. re: dolores

                they will cater to among others, the greenwich crowd, nuff said

                1. re: intrepid

                  Lidia's brand is separate from the Batali/Joe B./Andy N. brand. I think the only collaboration all 4 have together are Del Posto & Esca.

                  And again, all we can do is wait & see what type of place - if any - opens up in PC.

                  1. re: amanda3571

                    oh, there is no doubt, it will open for sure, my guesstimate is April 2008

                    1. re: intrepid

                      Well I sure would be psyched if there was a Batali resto in the area. I do find it a tiny bit suspect that they would choose to search for help on craigslist.

                        1. re: intrepid

                          Yes, I am aware. But more often than not, the firm name (in this case, Batali's name) isn't usually advertised.

                          1. re: amanda3571

                            ok, so whats the question/problem with that??

                2. re: dolores

                  Lidia's place in Manhattan, Felidia, is very expensive, significantly more so than Batali and her son's places, excepting, of course, Babbo and Del Posto...I'd consider the list pabboy provided to be pretty reasonable and worth it, without being OTT.

                  1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                    It is the old Tarry Lodge site. They ripped it down to the studs and basically started with an empty shell. It looks like it will be 2 floors. Harris restaurant supply is doing the kitchen install. I think it is a great move on their part putting a restaurant on the Westchester/Greenwich border. The place will be packed from day 1.

                    1. re: jp62

                      the immediate area will dramatically change imho

                    2. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                      Lidia's place in Manhattan
                      Is that the one on restaurant row (aka 46th st) if so, I think I had their pasta special there, all you can eat, 3 different types of pasta for $30. I loved the large gnocci, but didn't care for the others. It is the place with the very low ceiling, are we talking about the same place?

                      1. re: foodamour

                        I don't think so. Felidia is on 58th St, near 2nd Ave.

                        1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                          Thanks, I think I was thinking of


                          I was just there again last night, sitting at the bar for dinner with a friend.
                          It was really nice, but a bit too noisy and over crowded, despite the pouring rainy cold weather. It took me 5 mins to get from the door to the bar.

                          That said, I love the food there, especially the antipasto misto and believe it or not the Fegato, the calf’s liver with carmelized onions, pancetta and crispy polenta. We finished off sharing the amazing cheesecake. It is a place I go to everytime I’m near time square or the theater district.

                          So if Lidia's place in Manhattan, Felidia, is very expensive, give Becco a try.

                          1. re: gillyweed

                            Thanks, gillyweed.
                            I'm new to this list, but love it for knowing about good food and places to eat well.

              2. Folks, if you have any additional concrete information about this restaurant opening in Westchester, you are welcome to add it on this thread, but additional speculation at this point isn't going to help anyone eat better now and will be removed.


                1. FWIW, I got an email from Andy Nusser that the post on craigslist is legit. Let's all (some?) welcome the Batali group to the area! :)

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                  1. re: amanda3571

                    A friend just overheard that the Bastianich/Batali group sold the Tarry Lodge site? Any truth to this latest piece of the rumor?