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Jan 28, 2008 03:00 PM

restaurant near theatre St Denis

I will be going to see Blue Rodeo at theatre st denis this coming thursday. We will be 6 and have to be at the show for 7 30. any suggestions close by for under 20$ (main course)?

thank you

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  1. Juliette et Chocolat - which is across the street. Or Les 3 Brasseurs around the corner.

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    1. re: cherylmtl

      thank you so much , is juliette et chocolat french?

      1. re: gerrythegreat

        They are chocolate.

        Edit: I realize that's a bit cryptic. Juliette & Chocolat is a specialty hot chocolate resto that also serves crepes (savoury and sweet) as well as standard cafe fare: soup, salad, ect.

        1. re: Moosemeat

          Been to 3 brasseurs on st catherine and wasnt impressed. not into crepes for diner. How is Bieres et compagnie?

          1. re: gerrythegreat

            From what I remember (I've only been once) they had a good selection of beers, and decent burgers. It was a bit overpriced, but not a rip-off.

            I just remembered there is a pretty good Tibetan resto, nn Ontario near St. Denis. Can't remember the name though.

    2. My personal favorite when in that area is Zyng (st-denis corner ontario). I know there is nothing authentic about it, but sometimes I wake up during the night thinking of their spicy peanut sauce. I love picking my own veggies to mix in my stir fry with ban pho noodles and spicy peanut sauce! ( I must stress how much I like their sauce)
      Other options are Frite Alors, though I have never visited that location, and I second Trois Brasseurs, they have very decent choices that fit your budget.

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      1. re: Em24

        That Frite Alors (if it's still opened - I seem to recall hearing something about it closing) was truly awful - not worthy of the Frite Alors name. Don't waste the time with that location.

      2. Any changes to this info? Off to see a Comedy Fest Gala Friday and wondering if there's anywhere decent to eat within a 15 min walk to Theatre St. Denis.

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        1. re: JedZ

          Several good places on St-Denis north of Sherbrooke. ChuChai/Chuch, L'Express, Cocagne, Le Petit Conti, etc. Closer to the theatre, on the east side of St-Denis between Sherbrooke and Ontario is the L'Amère à boire brewpub that makes a first-rate lamb burger and serves the Czech-style Cernà Hora, easily the city's best pilsner.

          1. re: carswell

            The lamb burgers were great - the kaiser bun is smeared with goat cheese! And the Cernà Hora was only $4.50 a pint! Great beer, great deal.

        2. No no no! La Paryse is the best place in the neighborhood. Really good burgers and fries for very reasonable prices. Can't beat it for eats in that neighborhood. Ontario and Sanguinet.

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          1. re: riboflavinjoe

            There's only one caveat with La Paryse: the raw mushrooms. Skip the mushrooms if you don't like them raw. Personally I think they ruin the burger, but YMMV.