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Jan 28, 2008 02:55 PM

Toronto -- quick bites near Royal York

Hi all,

I spend time at the Royal York a couple of times a year and always have grand delusions about taking in some great cuisine at some of the city's great restaurants...The reality always turns out to be that I am working maniacally while there and usually somewhat chained to the hotel, grabbing pre-made sandwiches from some of the little places in the underground below the hotel, and generally feeling like I am getting totally ripped-off taste-wise. I also REFUSE to pay 23 bucks for room service breakfast!!

I wish I had time to wander about the neighborhood discovering hidden gems, but I just don't, so I thought I'd turn to my pals here at Chowhound... What am I missing that would be delicious, quick and close by? All cuisines interest me.

Thanks so much, and I promise that next year I will tack on a couple of extra days to my visit and do a proper Toronto tasting!

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  1. Oh dear... you are walking distance to the king of hidden gems -- the St. Lawrence Market. Walk east on Front to Jarvis. Wander the South Building of the market at will, or head straight down to the lower level and choose from a plethora of yumminess. Get a veal and eggplant sandwich at Mustachio's, a peameal bacon sandwich from Carousel (I think there's another spot that sells these that 'hounds seem to like better), or greek food from the place next to Mustachio's, or baked goods from any number of bakeries... Or stay on the first floor and spend the time sampling cheeses from the various cheesemongers, or get a hot Montreal-style bagel from St. Urbain in the back corner and top it with some freshly slice deli meats from some of the butchers/delis. So many options!

    Note that they are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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      That would be EAST on Front. :)

      Burrito Boyz at Adelaide and Peter (about 10 min walk) - Halibut Burrito
      Izakaya on Front street e - you'd see it on the way to St Lawrence Market
      Thai Island - soup noodles, Tabouli - chicken shawarma - both located at the food court in TD Centre just north of the royal york. You can enter through York and Wellington
      Longos - salad bar - Brookfield Place/BCE place if you are looking for a nice salad bar, Longos works well
      Marche take out - Brookfield Place/BCE place PATH level, pizza to order, pasta always good bets.
      Please avoid York Kitchen which is where I assume you are eating from, that place is definately no good.

      1. re: Wil

        Doh! Thank you, I've fixed it! :)

      2. re: TorontoJo

        Yes -- I 've tried getting there three times -- once, I was thwarted by an urgent call as I was within sight of the market and had to return to the hotel, once was on Good Friday (shut tight) and the other was on a Monday....

        But I'll try again -- this tiem i think I'm in TO on a saturday and a Thursday -- wish me luck!

        Yes -- York kitchen does suck, and they're mean.

        1. re: Fargo

          The chip truck in front of CBC is supposed to be good, but for poutine, the best truck is Steve's (blue) on Queen St, n.w. corner of Bay. You can get there via the underground Path.