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Jan 28, 2008 02:49 PM

Adams Markets...Terrible!!

Have visited these places throughout the Hudson Valley & cannot believe the fact that people actually continue to shop there. They claim to have "local" products but every time we visit, all we find are $18 raw 3# chickens from PA, Beets from Texas, Potatoes & Apples from the Pacific NW, Stale Breads, Broc & Cauilflower & Brussels from Cailf., Asparagus from Chilie & $6.50/ Gallon so called "Local" Milk. Lamb from New Zealand, IBP Beef from the MidWest & the usual items such as "Triscuts" all at at least double the price as Hannaford, Shop Rite & Price Chopper. Yet it's packed with folks with their "Green" reusable shopping bags picking through the Broccoli from Cailfornia. Whatever happened to Local???

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  1. well, when it's apple season, they're stocked up on local apples. i've never had stale breads..and they're the only place i know of (other than a small store in kingston) which sells ramps in the season. it didn't start out as an all purpose market, but a small farmers stand. it's grown that way.

    the milk is part of the hudson valley milk (an association of local farmers). they sell ronnybrook milk / ice cream / butter, which is definitely local.

    if you're going to adams for regular grocery items, you're 1) sorely missing the point and 2) grossly overpaying.

    other than (possibly) amish market, what store in pok or kingston would you say is *better* than adams for what you describe?

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      My point exactly! We can't find any stores in the region that truly stock anything local on a regular basis. Of course, we do not go to Adams for regular grocery items. Guido's Markets in Lenox/Grt. Barington also started as a small farm stand & also grew the way Adams did... not for the better. Buy the way, what is the point of having broccoli shipped 3000 miles?

    2. You do realize it's January, right?

      And you realize you're not going to find asparagus from Columbia County or Brussels sprouts from Greene County on Jan. 28, right?

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      1. re: jbep

        Thanks for reminding me "JBEP", as to the date & time of year, you really bring alot to the conversation! And by the way, we still do have local Brussels sprouts! (How does it feel to be so wrong?) The farmer we get them from leaves many on the stalks until Mid Jan. We also have pickeled Asparagus from last spring. Where are the "Local" beets, celeryroot, winter squashes, potatoes etc. at these stores? I can assure you they are out there. It is possible to eat local through all the seasons, we have for over 30 years. Just not if you shop at such places as Adams. End of Story.

        1. re: links42

          No problem, LINKS42.

          If you have such great produce sources, what do you need Adams for?

          1. re: links42

            So where can this stuff be found? Why don't you just go to Stone Barns where you can overpay for your precious local produce, lovingly hand raised.

          2. re: jbep

            It may be the end of January but Adams still has local items--apples, pears, root vegetables, eggs, milk and milk products, meat, lamb, pork, etc. As far as the price of local milk, I find that it is a few cents cheaper than if you go to the milk processing plant in midtown Kingston.

            Yes, the triscuts and other packaged and canned goods are more expensive than at Hannafords and other supermarkets. But since I am not a one stop shop person, I can buy these items when I need toilet paper and kitty litter (which Adams does not carry.)

          3. You can always go to Mother Earth to buy organic. When local produce is in season, Adam's has a nice selection of produce. I for one realize that if I want anything green I'm not going to buy local. If I want maple syrup and apple cider I can get that now. I have seen the occasional local root vegetable, but it's not that frequent. I think that all the local farms shut down, unless of course, you hook into a CSA and then you'll get limited local. I don't think Adams would stay in business if they relied on local produce. I for one would shop elsewhere for cheaper, local, organic produce but as far as Adams goes, it's ok. It's a pleasant shopping experience vs. the mayham and faux sterilty of Hannaford's.