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Jan 28, 2008 01:47 PM

Toraya Question

Does Toraya in Arlington have many vegetable sushi options? Hoping to try it soon and just trying to figure out who I can bring...

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  1. Hmm...there are several vegetarian dishes in the appetizers and cooked sections of the menu and I'm sure the chef also offers vegetables rolls and such.

    1. If I recall correctly, they have a vegetarian sushi combo. If not, they have plenty of interesting flavors and would almost certainly be willing to put something together. They frequently have the egg custard soup with ginko nuts, etc that surely can be made without meat (forget the name, but it is really good). If you go, my favorite, fairly-regular special is the scallop sashimi. Buttery, melt-in your mouth texture and sweet flavor have made me re-think ever destroying scallops by cooking them.

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        I always forget about this place -- thanks for the reminder. The Scallop sashimi sounds right up my alley.

      2. I count 8 veggie makis plus a veggie-only futomaki for sushi, plus several veggie apps, veggie tempura and some noodles. The veggie makis are: cucumber, asparagus, gourd (kanpyo), pickles (shinko), fermented soy bean (natto), yam (tororo), plum/shiso leaf (umeshiso), and plum/cucumber. Ooooh, love that umeshiso, maybe need to change dinner plans and get takeout tonight!

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          Fantastic. Thanks so much, everyone. Hopefully I'll get there soon!

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            yes, they are and they offer a nice variety of bento boxes.

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              Thank-you! I think I might check them out tomorrow