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Jan 28, 2008 01:36 PM

Full service catering - Northridge

Looking for a place that offers full service catering (wait staff, tables, chairs, utensils, etc.). We're hosting a luncheon for 1,000 people in Northridge and trying to find a restaurant/catering company that would fit the bill. In terms of food, we're trying to keep in casual--BBQ, sandwiches...that kind of stuff. Something along the lines of Wood Ranch Grill, if that helps. Budget: below $26,000


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  1. Just had a company called Truxtons American Bistro do our office party for 1500 in downtown. The food was great and the price was reasonable. The guy who owns the restaurant also owns a catering company called Red Carpet Catering. The restaurant is in Westchester and there # is 310-417-8789.

    1. What about the mobile BBQ operations that come to some farmers markets (WLA on La Cienega, for example)? I cannot remember their name, but others surely will because I've seen them mentioned on chowhound before.

      You may also consider Duck Duck Mousse in Santa Monica. Most of their catering is done through the building they own (The Victorian), but maybe they travel.

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        1. How about Stonefire Grill in Chatsworth? I think they do catering at a very reasonable price.