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Jan 28, 2008 01:36 PM

Best Fresh Dungeness Crab in PDX?

Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for the best place to buy fresh crabs in Portland. Either live or cooked is fine. Any favorites this winter?

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  1. Newman's in City Market. They have a constant, consistent selection of live lobster and dungeness crab year around and are also one of major, local suppliers to the higher end, sustainable ag / organic restaurants in PDX. They're located inside of City Market NW :

    735 NW 21st Ave
    Portland, OR 97209-1304
    Phone: (503) 221-3007

    1. In SW: Uwajimaya on Beaverton-Hillsdale

      In SE: Om Seafood on SE Powell

      1. OM Seafood on 76th and Powell is good advice. Regularly had hundreds of live crab plus they carry lobster, steamers, escargot, and occasionally feature blue crab, crawfish, king crab, the occasional large ling cod, etc. If you want a BIG crab ask for that specifically, sometimes the tank in back has some jumbos. Once I picked up two crab which totaled over seven pounds. Yeah, they were huge, eight and eight and half inches across. Legal Oregon size is 5.75 inches.

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