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Sep 11, 2001 05:34 PM

Canceled: Border Grill tomorrow

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In light of today's terrible happenings, I've canceled tomorrow's lunch at the Border Grill.

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  1. I was expecting this.

    Although I hate the idea of terrorists succeeding in disrupting our life's plans, however small, I know you've done the right thing.

    I, for one, have no appetite.

    1. v
      Vanessa On The Town

      It is a time to focus all our positive energies towards the people that need it now. I know that we will re-schedule this at a later time when our mood is less solemn.

      1. l
        lonesome hobo

        Well, I was flying in from Florida late Monday Night and then didn't go in to my office on Tuesday, so I just showed up at Border Grill at noon Wednesday. I figured it might've been cancelled but thought I'd show up any way just in case. Once there I decided to have lunch. I haven't eaten at Border Grill in quite some time and after the very poor review the Times critic gave Ciudad recently I was curious how Border Grill was doing. I think they're still doing fine. I had what I can best describe as a Portobello Torta...two large portobello's enclosing a beautiful mix of black beans, guacomole, red and yellow peppers, creme fraise, and all enveloped in a smoky anjo chile sauce. It was very good. A delicious lime, lemon, sparkling water, topped off with a smooth and silky flan and I was a happy man, although I missed meeting many of you. The hostess told me that the day before (day 1 of the apocolypse) people just all basically moved to one table together and ate and then talked and had wine and hung out for a long time just trying to sort it all out. Anyway, sorry I missed you all but just wanted to check in.

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          I'm sorry we missed you Jeff. I was afraid some people might show up without checking the board... But I'm glad you had a nice lunch. We'll all have to replan.

          I've been to Ciudad and it was dreadful. Can hardly remember what I had. Shrimp in a soupy salty murky broth? Anyway, the only nice thing about Ciudad is the outdoor patio - so go for cocktails, not the food.