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Jan 28, 2008 01:23 PM

Route 80

We'll be driving round trip from NYC to Cleveland mid February. We've done this drive about a half dozen times and we've stopped for lunch in lots of restaurants recommended by AAA. Hoping to learn that we've missed something special, somewhere, especially around the middle of PA. Can you suggest a place not too far from I-80? Thanks!

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  1. i've had help with this recommendation before but forget the name of the exit AND the name of the place so maybe someone can chime in - had a great cheap breakfast at a truck stop that must have been halfway across the state. i think the exit/town name started with an E and was a long word? the truck stop was painted either green or yellow or both, and the restaurant was around back. a true truck stop diner... tasty greasy food. wish i could remember more.

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      Thanks. We've hit a couple of good breakfast stops (also not sure exactly where, but west of Bellefonte, that have been good eats. And very inexpensive. Should have been more specific. Looking for a lunch spot. More restaurant than diner.

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        Is the "E" you are looking for Emlenton or something along those lines?

        That said, MSV, if you do a search I think you will find at least 3 or 4 other threads about this very topic.

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          Yes, thanks. But was hoping that there might be an update. We like the Inn at Turkey Hill quite a bit for dinner, but I guess there isn't much else out there for lunch than what we've already found. Glad for the AAA recommendations, plus confirmation that the nearby diners are probably the way to go.