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Jan 28, 2008 01:14 PM

Can I buy Ro-Tel online? [Moved from Home Cooking board]

Any ideas/gems? It doesn't exist in NYC. :(

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  1. need man. if you can't find ro-tel brand diced tomatoes, just buy delmonte, the diced tomatos and green chilis can. and of course a brick of velveeta. add a little tabasco if it's not spicy enough.

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      Around here (Houston) every supermarket has its own generic knockoff (HEB, Kroger, even Walmart) and some are pretty good. The best I've found is the Parade brand which I think is nationally distributed, available here in Foodtown stores, among others. I'd buy that over Del Monte.

      Red Gold, which has very limited distribution here, also has some good ones, particularly their chipotle one.

      What I really miss is the whole tomato variety which was discontinued long ago by Con Agra when it bought out Ro-Tel. I think at one time there was also a chunky chopped tomato variety; now, all you can get are the diced tomato varieties.

    2. Go to their site and look under contact us. Then go to Where to Buy, put in your zip code and viola, it will lead you to a store! It is in NYC at Walgreens (?). Weird, but that's what it said!

      1. Duuuudddeee. Thank you both.

        1. Don't know if you have Sam's Clubs in N.Y. but you can get them there. Also, go to: