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Jan 28, 2008 01:09 PM

Bratwurst/Cheddarwurst in Delaware/Philadelphia?

I am looking for a place that sells Bratwurst or Cheddarwurst that I can take home to grill. It's a midwest fave of mine that I have a hard time finding on the East Coast, especially the cheddarwurst. Maybe a German butcher or sausage maker of some sort?

Actually, it's part of a Superbowl/playoffs menu I am putting together! I am planning to have bratwurst/cheddarwurst in honor of the Packers. The rest is unclear...either a white bean chili with pastrami for the two teams of honor (Patriots and Giants) and then a fruit salad for the Chargers, or go even more simple and do baked beans for the Patriots and bagel bites with cream cheese dip for the Giants.

I live in Wilmington, but am in Philly often. I will go as far south as Middletown in Delaware.

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  1. they have a pretty impressive selection of sausage at Reikers German Market in the Northeast. It's pretty easy to get to from 95. I have never heard of the cheddarwurst, and don't know if they have anything that isn't more authentic German. But the products they sell are excellent. I would place an order ahead of time if I were you.

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      i saw some yummy looking german stuff in the reading terminal recently.

    2. Try Helen's Sausage House, in Smyrna, Delaware.

      1. DiBruno's on the1700 block of Chestnut St. in Phila. sells some Rieker's products. Obviously, they do not have the variety that the actual market does. I am almost positive that they carry bratwurst(excellent, by the way). Depending on where you are in Phila.and how much you are buying it may pay you to avoid the trip and shop in Center City. While it is pretty easy to get to from 95, it's a pretty good distance.

        One of the stands in The Reading Terminal carries products from Illgs(Sp?), another German butcher.

        1. There are very good wursts available at Reading Terminal Market. However, I recommend you try D'Angelo's in South Philly. He makes a killer chili mix of alligator, kangaroo, venison, bison, and god knows what else -- ask him how he makes his chili and he'll be glad to share. And he also makes a wide variety of sausages, both traditional and game-based. If the Packers hunt (many of their fans do), then this would also work as a theme. Go Packers!

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            Looks like it's too late but for future reference:

            Delaware Provision Company
            (302) 658-6037
            318 8th Ave, Wilmington, DE 19805

            A variety of sausages in the Browntown neighborhood although I don't know specifically if they have bratwurst.