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Jan 28, 2008 12:50 PM

Looking for Valentine's ideas please!

Hello! I am looking for some simple but stunning Valentine's Day ideas for dinner for myself and DH. Since I will be at work that day, the more that could be prepared ahead, the better. I am thinking salad, main course and then dessert.

I would love to cook him a steak but I am not a red meat fan, so i was thinking maybe pork? Or Cornish hens?

Any ideas would be great, thank you!

For dessert, I have a sheet of puff pastry in the freezer and was thinking of doing something with that. Pear tartlets maybe?


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  1. For dessert with the puff pastry i suggest a simple heart shape tart filled with a pastry cream ar a curd of some sort and topped with fresh berries. Its easy the cream or curd can be prepared the night beffore as can the tarts so you have more time the day of to concentrate on the main event.

    1. Cornish game hens get my vote. When I focus on the choice between pork and game hens for a romantic dinner, pork just doesn't provoke the level inspiration that game hens do.
      I like the tart idea. Simple elegance! Don't forget the Pinot Grigio.

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        I have a separate post on this, but my idea is to do comfort food - I'm preparing the meatloaf a day ahead and making mashed potatoes the same day (though a number of people here said I can do that ahead too, but I will be home so I figure it won't take too long) - if you don't like red meat maybe a different type of comfort food? A decadent macaroni and cheese? A beautiful roast garlic chicken?

      2. I would do bone-in pork chops pan seared and finished in the oven with the caramelized shallots from (they are amazing). Then a salad. Hens are yummy but not so attractive/romantic to eat. Bite-size berry tarts made with the puff pastry and some nice chocolates for dessert.

        1. This is something my valentine likes a lot, it's a little different.

          1. Today, PBS in my area aired a Baking with Julia episode featuring Gale Gand working with phyllo. She first made chocolate napoleons (layered with ginger whipped cream, mocha ganache, poached pears and cranberry compote) and then "fettuccine ice cream sandwiches". In particular, I liked the 2nd recipe in this episode- the fettucine nests look good and can be made a day ahead of time. Personally, I would probably top a single nest with whipped cream, raspberries and chocolate shavings instead of making an ice cream sandwich. But both looked absolutely marvelous for a special occasion!


            Cornish game hens sound good! An idea that popped in my head wold be to stuff the hens with a couscous stuffing that you can make the night before (couscous mixed with olives, lots of parsley, lemon zest or preserved lemon, scallions and golden raisins). Maybe rub the outside of the hens with some harissa, salt and pepper the night before as well....

            The salad course to go with this dish could be very simple- greens with feta, grape tomatoes, red onion and a citrus vinaigrette? Greens topped with shaved fennel, orange supremes and a black olive vinaigrette?