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Jan 28, 2008 12:49 PM

SOS - help with Boston/NY Team Luncheon

Help! I work in midtown Manhattan (West 50s and 7th) and my boss charged me with creating a pre-Superbowl team luncheon that includes specialties from both NY and Boston. The only thing I can thing of is Boston Cream Pie. We want to keep it simple (sandwiches) and appetizers (simple, chips, etc.) Could anyone help with popular Bostonian-style sandwiches? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Lobster (or Lobsta) rolls!

    1. The obvious and classic fight is between Manhattan and New England Clam Chowder. (okay it's fudging a bit, but New Jersey doesn't have a chowder).

      1. Instead of sandwiches, what about baked beans and parker house rolls or brown bread for Boston, pizza for New York, and chowder to represent both? NY style cheesecake and Boston cream pie for dessert.

        Otherwise, lobster rolls, yes, but also: corned beef and cabbage, fried scrod or fried clam with Massachusetts mayonnaise or tartar sauce, and spiced beef (with cranberry chutney, maybe)sandwiches could all do for Boston. Or, as Boston is the home of Fluff, fluffernutter sandwiches.
        For New York, Reubens, obviously. Anything served on rye or pumpernickel- pastrami, smoked turkey, you know, deli style.

        1. Cape Cod Oysters on the half shell and/ or stuffed quahogs for appetizers. Chowder and lobster rolls, or baked beans and ham (Harrington's of Vt. sells a good one) for a main course. Fried clam rolls or Cape scallop rolls with tartar sauce. Boston Cream Pie and/or Indian pudding for dessert. Wine from Westport River Winery in Westport MA.