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Jan 28, 2008 12:48 PM

Chinese Banquet on a Budget

Prefered location - Markham or Richmond Hill (but anywhere in the GTA is ok)
Looking for a set menu under $400 (table of 10)
Obviously would like it tasty but budget is most important
I will be going on the sunday following CNY (hopefully this makes it cheaper and easier to book)

Would like to know:
Can I sit 12 people at a table for 10?
Would I get charged more for the 2 extra people?
Or can I order additional food (ie a few favourite dishes) to supplement the banquet meal?

Any ideas? any thoughts?

Please help!



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  1. The restaurant can enlarge the round table with a plywood topper. Just ask. They don't charge extra for people as it's about how many dishes you order. You generally need to order one dish per person.

    Restaurants have set menus. I'm not familiar with restaurants in the northern part of the GTA but I am sure that you will get lots of suggestions.

    1. $400 including tax or not ?

      We recently have a good dinner at Spring Villa, regular dinner not the banquet style. Their bandquet style sets (dinner for table of 10) look quite good, each of the following sets have 8 courses + specialty fried rice + dessert.

      There is a $368 menu featuring scallop, braised shark fin (loose), specialty chicken , 4 lbs of Lobster in E-fu noodle, steamed fish ....

      There is a $468 menu with swallow nest (wow !), sea cumuber, 4 lbs maggi sauce lobster .....

      These prices are all cash deal all inclusive (including tips) & including 10 cans of pop drink.

      The tables are always big enough to fit 12, but better check with them when you reserve the table. All these dinner set need reservation in advance.

      There is no extra charge if sharing food among 12 people. You can always add more food if you want. But the dishes from the regular menu may only be enough for 4-5 people...

      Spring Villa is new as it just get renovated last year, evironment is good.

      One other suggestion, stay away from any "Special CNY dinner set", it always not as good as the regular dinner set, the dishes only have better name for good meaning.

      It is at 7301 Woodbine Ave. (905)940-2888

      1. At a recent dinner at Tak Wor (Hwy 7 & Leslie), they had a meal for 10 people advertised for $188.

        We had a meal at Top Choice (Kennedy and Hwy 7) over the summer for about $198.

        There was a set dinner at People's Seafood (Hwy 7 and McCowan)...I think about $198 that my husband said "looked good for the price".

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          are any of these meals/restos tasty?

          how was top choice? what do they serve for that price?