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Pizza in Indianapolis

I've searched previous threads but didn't find what I was looking for...

I'll be staying in downtown Indianapolis for a week and would like to find some pizza places. Preferably delivery, but I also have a car if the pizza is worth the drive.

I've read about the usual places and those listed on citysearch 'best of' already. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Well, it's a trip, but come on down to Bloomington and feast at Trulli Flatbread. They have the best pizza I've had outside of southern Italy.

    1. Another Bloomington suggestion: Mother Bear's. If I were in Indianapolis, I would make the drive just for that! It's a pretty nice drive unless the weather's bad.

      1. You have probably read about Bazbeaux in downtown Indy, but another option is the pizza at Palomino. It IS woodfired and very thin. No -- it is not typical Italian pizza, but it shares some intangible characteristics of the thin Roman pizza that I have never had anywhere in this country.

        1. Dom di Carlo's in Noblesville has the best pizza (IMHO).

          Long way from downtown Indy but oh so worth it.

          In the December 2007 edition of the Indianapolis Monthly, they were named The Best Pizza in the city. I totally agree. I've sent a lot of people there and every one of them has also loved it. Service is cheery and slow (sorry), they do have a wine list, but this is Noblesville and it won't set you on fire (but you could find something), and not only is the pizza good (try the hot Italian sausage OMG), the calazones are good too.

          Dom di Carlo's, 654 Logan Street, Noblesville IN 317-776-6500

          My two cents!

          1. If you like NY style pizza, Giorgio's next to Starbucks on the Meridian Street traffic circle is very good and they have pizza by the slice at lunch.

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              "Meridian Street Traffic Circle:" are you talking about Monument Circle Downtown, or another traffic circle somewhere else in town? I'm an Indy native and have relatives there, but haven't lived there in a long time.

              At one time Union Jack Pizza in Broad Ripple had good deep dish pizza, but they seem to have gone out of business or they've moved (as of 2006, last time I was in town).

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                I assume that is what knielson2 is talking about, though I have never noticed the place. I guess it could be way north as they are putting in lots of roundabouts in Carmel.

                Union Jack is still there, but I haven't eaten there in years. Last I remeber the quality was way down compared to my childhood memories.

            2. I second the rec for Giorgio's right off the circle. I just get the cheese so not sure about the purity (taste and texture) of their toppings. Datsa Pizza is along Pennsylvania Street directly across from the new Central Library and is decent. Outside Indy?? I've heard a few swear by Nancy's in the Fishers area, where it's definitely not worth driving to for anything. Not even sure if it's still open. Also hear good things about Dom di Carlo's in Nobleville and Trulli Flatbread in Bloomington. WARNING: Bazbeaux is over-rated. We had their Marguerita the other day and was totatlly dry and tasteless...and the ingredients, unfortunately, brought the worst out in the crust. Has anyone heard of the pizza joint that used to be located beside the Pub across from Conseco Fieldhouse? EH Fomagio??? Or something weird like that. Supposedly the best pizza downtown a year or two ago but then moved out to Laffayette Road. Imagine that.

              1. If you drive about 5 miles due east on Washington Street, you'll find Jockamo's Upper Crust, a wonderful new pizza joint in the historic neighborhood of Irvington. They're doing a great business and getting some love in the local media (http://www.indianapolismonthly.com/ar...), but it's still a relatively hidden gem due to its East Side location. Check out the menu at www.jockamopizza.com to get a preview of their unique offerings!

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                  Thank you for your kind words and promo! Come try our "brunch pizzas" some time. Soon to come is a pizza called the Tecumseh and one of the toppings is venison sausage!
                  The Jockamo Pizza Monkey

                2. Third to Giorgio's on the circle....authentic NY style by the slice. Another similiar place is called Enzo's, two locations on each side of immediate downtown.....If you like gourmet pizza, look for Bazbeaux's on Massachusetts Ave.

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                    I would personally recommend Bazbeaux over Enzo or Union Jack. The last time I went to Union Jack and ordered my favorite Chicago style, the cheese was on top. I left and had to go to Pizzeria Uno, since I knew they could do it better.

                  2. Unfortunately, Eh Fomaggio is not downtown anymore. Lafayette Rd. and 56th is quite a drive and probably not worth a trip to the ubiquitous strip, but this place has the best New York style pizza by the slice. They use a wood burning oven and the owners are true "New Yawkers." Giorgio's off the circle is the closest thing to it and very good. I've just started hearing about this Jockamo's in Irvington, so I'll have to give it a try.

                    1. Gusto! on Virginia Ave. The place is very unassuming but the pizza is "the bizness"! (That's a good thing.) It's right in Fountain Square, south of downtown Indianapolis, straight up Virginia Avenue in the old G.C. Murphy building (you can still see the letters on the building). Try the cannoli...its GREAT!