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Sep 10, 2001 09:35 PM

Kobawoo thumbs-up

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An out-of-town friend and I went to Kobawoo (in the minimall, 698 Vermont @ 7th St, Koreatown) based on Jonathan Gold's review.

Delicious! And not too expensive for Korean food.

We both just got the bibimbap [=BBQ beef+veg] and tried all the little appetizer things. I'm no kimchi connoisseur but this kimchi was pretty great. Also, I don't know if bibimbap is always served in a very hot, heavy cast-iron bowl, but they did it here and it worked quite well.

We were also quite pleased a) to be the only gringos in the place from entering to leaving and b) treated very well by the waitstaff.

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  1. Thanks Blima! Will have to try it!

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      Adrian Hopkins

      I agree this is a great place! They even have $4-7 lunch specials for the budget minded, such as myself. Everything I had there was good, cheap, and rather plentiful as well. The service is attentive, friendly, and quick, unlike the terrible service you get at Soot-Bull Jeep (that is one of the reasons I don't go back there, despite I love the food).

      For reference, I ordered the Seafood fritter pancake, Kimchee beef soup, BBQ pork, and Bibambop (sp?). All of which were execellent, including the complementry appetizer dishes. I highly recommend this place. Please be noted that this is more of a typical Korean restaurant than a BBQ jiont. Perhaps the only complaint I have, is that parking can be a PITA within the minimal, and around the area. I had to park and walk 5mins away.