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Jan 28, 2008 11:55 AM

recommendation needed for Boston dinner

My husband and I are going out for a pre-Valentine's dinner next weekend. Would love to get recommendations for where to go for a nice romantic adults only (no kids!!) dinner. We went to radius 2 years ago and LOVED their tasting menu but did a search & saw some so-so reviews of late. We've also been to Blue Ginger in Wellesly but would like to try something new or get confirmation Radius is still a great place. Thanks!

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  1. the room at Icarus is very pretty and I think romantic and I think the food is quite good

    1. Nothing specific against Radius, but I do think you can find both better value and better pure quality in the city.

      Whether or not you choose to go with a tasting menu, it sounds like you're interested in the type of restaurant that might offer one. This thread from last August has a de facto compendium of virtually all the tasting menus in town, and should serve as a good jumping off point for a little research:

      My personal vote would go to Salts in Cambridge, but that's just one hound's opinion...

      1. Our go-to for romantic special occasion dinners is Craigie St. Bistrot in Harvard Sq. It's a small room, and you'll be jamming elbows at some of the tables, but if you call ahead you can probably get seated in one of the corners. I've always found the servers to be very attentive (without getting in the way) and knowledgeable, and they've never tried to rush us through our meal- always plenty of time to chat and linger between courses, which to me is the difference between "eating out" and a romantic meal.

        All this and I haven't mentioned that the food is consistently superb! I had a monkfish liver pate last time I was there (earlier this month). Frankly, had it not been part of the tasting I never would've ordered it, much less imagined LIKING it, but it was actually a unique and delicious flavor.