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Jan 28, 2008 11:51 AM

Duck Soup - Who Knew? (Another Hopkinson Recipe)

Continuing my exploration of Simon Hopkinson's recipes, I made my first one on Sunday morning from Second Helpings of Roast Chicken - Duck Soup. A wonderful way to use up the duck carcass that had been lingering, purposeless, in my freezer. The result was delectable.

Slivers of bacon are sauteed in duck fat, to which chopped celery, onions, carrots, smashed garlic cloves, and black mushrooms (I used shitake) are added. Then a "squirt of tomato paste" is stirred in, flour added and fried for 5 minutes. Then port, white wine and red current jelly are added to the mix, along with chicken stock and the chopped up duck carcass. This is brought to the boil, "descummed", and left to simmer for 40 minutes. Then add the juice of an orange and three strips of orange zest, and simmer for another 30 minutes. Strain, then finish with some cream, a squeeze of lemon and chopped mint (I added some chives). Served with croutons.

A nice end to a duck carcass. I'm either lucky with my cooking, or with my husband (or maybe both) but he proclaimed it one of the best soups he's ever had.

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  1. Sounds extraordinary, and more so coming from you. It's nice when a lot of works proves worth the while.

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      Thanks - though it really wasn't much work - which made it all the better a recipe! And this is another of Hopkinson's recipes that doesn't look like much, but has amazing flavors.

    2. I have a duck that needs roasting, and this would be a great way of using up that carcass. Thanks so much!

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        We had about a cup of the duck soup leftover - and as an appetizer for dinner tonight, I added some water, and some leftover roasted vegetables (parsnips, turnips, garlic cloves, carrots, brussell sprouts), heated up and pureed with an immersion blender - so yet another dish out of that carcass (I knew I was saving it for something ;-) ).

        Let me know if you want more details in terms of quantities.

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            2 T duck fat
            4 thick slices streaky bacon, cut into slivers (I used Applewood smoked)
            2 onions, chopped
            2 carrots, peeled and chopped
            3 celery stocks, chopped
            3 flat black mushrooms, chopped (I used shitake)
            2 smashed garlic cloves
            salt & pepper (add when you add in all the vegetables)
            One thick squirt (yes, squirt) tomato paste (stir in and "cook the very devil out of it until it has lost all its vibrant red hue" - looking for rust coloured)
            1 T flour
            1 small wine glass port (I went with 3 oz)
            1 large wine glass white wine (5 oz)
            2 T red current jelly
            1.5 liters chicken stock
            1 duck carcass cut into pieces ("roughly chopped" - mine were in pretty big pieces, and I did remove quite a bit of the fat/skin that was left)
            Juice of one orange
            Three pieces of orange peel w/o the pith (I used three long pieces cut with a vegetable peeler)

            To finish:

            3-4 T double cream (I used heavy cream)
            Squeeze of lemon juice
            1 T chopped mint (I added some chopped chives)

        1. That's one of the most elegant dishes I've ever seen, Ruth. And, from the list of ingredients I can just imagine the fine taste. Personally, I think your husband's the lucky one.

          1. I'm making this again for dinner tonight (I've made it several time since my first post about it), and, as I didn't have a duck carcass, I used duck feet, two duck legs (I'll do something with the meat), four or six duck wings, and some duck legs leftover from Peking duck. The broth tastes just as good. The other thing I realized is that the instructions say to put the broth in the blender before adding the cream etc. But, since you strain the cooked mixture, I'm not sure why one would blend it, and I've not done so before.

            1. We have always made duck soup out of the carcass, and while I'm no Hopkinson, our easy favorite is to make stock out of the carcass essentially, with a splash of red wine vinegar and either rosemary, herbes de provence, or a bouquet garnis, and then combine with mixed porcini and wild mushrooms, white beans, and finely shredded kale, a splash of sherry on top. Delicious!

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                That sounds delicious - and the idea of mushrooms is a great one.