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Jan 28, 2008 11:46 AM

Pre-Cruise Dinner Recommendation for 20-Something Girls

My friend and I are going on a cruise leaving out of Miami on Friday, so we will be in Miami on Thursday night. We are staying near the airport but are willing to cab it to go somewhere fun (South Beach maybe?) We would like to eat somewhere not too expensive (maybe less than $40 per person total with a couple of drinks) that has a fun, busy atmosphere. Food doesn't have to be spectacular - we will sacrifice culinary perfection for a fun atmosphere! We are more like pub girls than club girls (both from Arizona - we're more Tempe than Scottsdale if that tells you anything). Would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. You may want to try Tobacco Road in downtown Miami. The Abbey Brewing Co. in South Beach can also be fun. Good Luck!

    1. There's not much around the airport so anywhere you go will be a bit of a hike. South Beach is not big on pubs, plus it'll be the furthest place you'd probably go in a cab, but if you do go there's Clarke's and The Playwright. Also the Abbey as mentioned which is a tiny, hole in the wall but has been around forever.

      A little closer to you is Coral Gables where there are a few places which may fit your pub sensibilities (The Bar or Duffy's). If you want to hike a little further and go towards the University of Miami there's Titanic Brewery.

      The Coconut Grove area has a lot of college kids on Thursday nights but I'm not sure if there's a proper pub there, more like sports bars. If you want a Key West/flip-flops and shorts experience there's Scotty's in the Coconut Grove Marina. It's kinda divey but it's very mellow and right on the water. More a place to chill than anything else.

      Tobacco Road is the oldest bar in Miami and may be worth it just to see it. There's usually people for happy hour and there's live music nightly. Just remember, it's old...very old. If you want something newer in that area there's a Gordon Biersch nearby.

      Have fun on your trip. Go Trojans!

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        Thursday night's is Tobacco Road's T-bone steak special -- a 16 ox T-bone with potato and salad (they make a great ceasar salad) is... $9.99

        The t-bone is grilled and quite tasty -- one of my favorite well-priced meals in town. Tobacco Road is the oldest bar in Miami (btw, no smoking inside) and filled with regulars and good music.

      2. I would either head to Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, or South Miami. If youre looking for a meal that costs $40 with a few drinks, you dont even wanna know what a cab to SoBe will cost. I live in the Grove and it costs $26 in a cab one way and the Grove is a lot closer to the airport. Here are some good spots in each of the places I mentioned, food might not be gourmet, but the crowd will be good:

        Gables: John Martins (Irish bar), The Bar, City Cellar
        Grove: Jaguar (great food and I think they do wine tastings on Thurs. I do a ceviche sampler, 1/2 chicken caesar, and about 2-3 bourbons and I get out of there with a full stomach for about $40 tip included), Sandbar (dive bar/sports pub - big UM hangout), Mr Moes (good bbq, sports bar), Green Street (more trendy/pricey but nice outdoor bar and good music/crowd), Tu Tu Tango (crowd is big time hit or miss but tapas plates are pretty tasty)
        South Miami: Town (good food, good crowd - head to Bouganvillas nearby for a beer and some good live music), Origin (no crowd -food only and its damn good), The Tavern (bar food, sports bar), Titanic Brewery (good bar food, sometimes live music)

        1. Just throwing this out there randomly--maybe you can research it to see if it's your style.
          Taverna Opa South Beach
          Zeke's Roadhouse on Lincoln (lots of food options nearby)
          cabbing there probably be around $30

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            I agree with the Opa recommendation. I would also recommend walking around and grabbing dinner outside on Lincoln Road. There are a bunch of options and I'll probably forget some. Tiramesu, Rosinella, Ice Box, Sushi Samba, Spris, and LeBon. If you want to try some Cuban food you can hit David's Cafe just off of Lincoln Road. Zeke's is a great spot to sit outside and grab a beer. I'd also recommend having a drink at Segafredo.

          2. Thanks everyone - I will send my friend to this thread and see what she thinks.

            Oh, and LAX2MIA - Fight On! :)