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Sep 10, 2001 09:07 PM

Visiting LA: where to eat

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I'll be visiting LA Wednesday-Friday. On such short notice, for which I apologize, can anyone of you chowhounds suggest some place to grab a delicious dinner? Of course, one doesn't know where to begin, but something distinctly LA/Californian--something that we are not so well endowed with in the cold Northeast--would be what I am looking for. Authentic Mexican, for instance.

I am staying in Santa Monica on Ocean Ave.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Try a database search on the main Chowhound page and you will not be dissapointed. There are plenty of wonderful places to eat right in and around the area you're staying in.
    Good luck and let us know what you've found.

    1. Though a couple of miles inland from SM, try Tlapazola Grill (Gateway & Barrington) for some great Oaxacan mole dishes. All of the meat dishes with mole are excellent, as are the chicken enchiladas. Great tortilla soup too!


      1. I think this is right. THere's a stand with very good Mexican food and some Oaxacan specialties as well on Pico near 3rd, acdg to public healthsite, El Taxate, 316 Pico. This is about 2 1/2 blocks east of Ocean and Pico.

        1. It's upscale and a little trendy, but I'd suggest the black pepper shrimp at Ivy at the Shore on Ocean Avenue. Stroll down 3rd Street Promenade and follow your nose. Maybe you'll find Benita's Fries for guess what? When you tire of Mexican, head down Ocean to an authentic dive, Chez Jay, for a martini and maybe some of the banana-potatoes.

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            Isn't Benita's closed???

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              I think Bebe's (clothing store) stands where Benita's was. I hear it's been reloc'ed to Universal Citywalk. Great fries, but maybe not worth the drive and the parking fee.

          2. I know this is completely off what you asked for, but consider making reservations at the Getty's restaurant or even eating in their excellent cafeteria and, of course, checking out the grounds, the view and the art.