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Jan 28, 2008 11:40 AM

Fox and the Hound? Charlotte?

So it's my dad's birthday and we told him we'd take him anywhere he wanted to go for dinner tonight. I thought for sure he'd pick something Italian. He loves Villa Antonio in Ballantyne. He just called and asked us if we would like to meet him at Fox and Hound? Or Fox and the Hound? Even he didn't know the name but was told they had excellent fish and chips and he has a hankering. I have had drinks at the uptown location but never ate at either. Anyone care to let me know what I'm in for?

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  1. Sorry to say but you're in for pretty mediocre food. I haven't had the fish & chips but have had many other things on the menu (I used to get dragged there for football games). The pot roast sliders are do-able. The margherita pizza is do-able (if cooked well done). Sometimes the wings are ok, sometimes they're just...well....mediocre.

    My don'ts are: the chili, the Firecracker Melts, the chicken lettuce cups, the Cobb salad, the nachos.

    You'd probaby be pretty safe with a burger.

    Have fun!!

    1. BAD bar food. If you're going to the F&H downtown, you're better off going to Ri Ra for fish n chips.

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        We went to the Ballantyne location. Service was warm and personable. My dad got the fish and chips and enjoyed it (not nearly as good as Ri-ra) so we were happy. My husband and I each got burgers. Eating hamburgers in restaurants in NC is a bummer because they only serve them medium or well-done. Not sure why we even ordered them but they were pretty good. I'm digging Ballantyne. I only live 15 minutes away but have avoided it for years. I really want to try that theater. It has a bar and better-than-your-average-theater-food? Anyone?

        1. re: southernitalian

          Glad it turned out OK -- I hope your dad had a nice birthday.

          The theater is nice. There is a bar with beer and some pretty pricey wine by the glass. I can't remember if there are cocktails. I've only been there for a matinee and there wasn't much going on food-wise (as I recall.) However, the big draw for me is that the theater shows great movies.

          1. re: HungryGrayCat

            It's a nice addition to the Manor. there are a lot of restaurants popping up down there. I've just started trying them out. I went to Table a few weeks ago and enjoyed it but felt a little ripped off. Villa Antonio is really good. I'd been to the South Blvd. location years ago and enjoyed it. Nothing spectacular but dependable. I am looking for some good Thai in the Ballantyne area. Does any exist?

            1. re: southernitalian

              I really like Bangcock Ocha. There are a few reviews on Cityspace that are negative b/c they are not kid-friendly. Some of us are glad for a kid-strict place to dine, though. It's on Matthews-Pineville, one door down from The Fresh Market.

              1. re: littlegirltree

                I take my 11 year old to Bangkok Ocha all the time and have never been met with anything other than friendliness. Granted, it's a very busy spot and I wish they would expand because if you aren't there by 11;45 during the week, you're waiting a while. Their lemon grass soup is something I crave very frequently.

              2. re: southernitalian

                I 2nd Bangkok Ocha. It's way better than Thai House. Service is always great, prices are good and the food is fresh and yummy. I always get their curries.

                Jade in Ballantyne (next to the theatre) is decent, albeit expensive. They do Asian fusion (sushi, japanese, thai, etc). Not super fabulous, but you know...

                I like Village Bistro for lunch especially (underneath the ballantyne theatre). Great lobster rolls... you won't believe it!

                Happy Bday to your Dad!