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Jan 28, 2008 11:34 AM

Great Food in Lake Travis Area

I have to sat that for Italian Ciola's is Wonderful! All fresh homemade East coast Food!
Check it out!

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  1. It's very good. They also recently opened Kahuna Grill which is more of a burger joint in the old Pronto Italiano location which was run by Hill Country Pasta House

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    1. re: amykragan

      I went to Ciola's just recently and was extremely impressed. I don't even care to debate the authenticity- I just have to say that it tastes great (wedge salad and lasagna specifically). Cool atmosphere too.

      Kahuna's is really good also. I've only had the wings but even though they were frieds, they were very flavorful and not heavy or greasy whatsoever.

      1. re: ChristineR

        We always tie up to Cafe Blue, best restaurant on the lake.