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Jan 28, 2008 11:27 AM

Summer Shack -- Best Pies??

Check out this link to see Serious Eats' take on the Best Pies in the Northeast.

Are the pies there that spectacular??

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  1. The Summer Shack did a very good Mother's Day Gospel Brunch many years back. I was reminded of it by a current thread on southern food, and wished it were still around. The food was buffet and excellent.

    Based on that experience, I think the kitchen could turn out a good pie if it wanted to. I would love to see a come-back from Jasper and company, but I have not had dessert there recently.

    1. I have had both their strawberry-rhubarb pie and their blueberry pie. Both were excellent with soft-serve vanilla ice cream. I will have to say that the strawberry-rhubarb pie was the best I ever had.