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Sep 10, 2001 12:22 PM

What is an Omaha Steak and why would I want one?

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Got a coupon in the mail for Omaha Steaks. "Flash frozen, 100% guaranteed", (guaranteed for what, I wonder.) Frozen meat -- not usually. Anyone ever try these? And?

Sandra W.

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    Long Beach Larry

    They are a giant meat-packing service that guarantees the quality of their steaks. They do claim to have the best quality meat available.

    I received some as a gift, otherwise I probably would never have bothered with them. Good meat of the same quality is available at Gelsons or Bristol Farms.

    Save your money and buy locally -- you'll get roughly the same thing. If you really LIKE mail-ordering meat, I would go to Balducci's. Just as expensive but pretty damned fine, IMHO.

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    1. re: Long Beach Larry

      Cook's Illustrated did a steak taste-test a while back and Omaha did not do well against even supermarket steaks.

    2. They have a store in Studio City on Ventura Blvd. just west of Coldwater Canyon in the BBQ Galore store if you want to get nosier.

      1. I never understood why Omaha Steaks charges ultra premium prices for frozen product. And then there's shipping.

        It might be OK if you live in the middle of nowhere. But in LA, where many high end supermarkets and good butchers provide fresh prime beef, what's the point?

        1. Omaha Steaks have gone down so far in quality in the past couple years that it is never worth it to order them. Even when the deal seems too good to be true. The last order for Tenderloin Tips was nothing but gristle scraps...REALLY!!!!!!! The steaks were tasteless and not all that tender. Supermarket USDA choice steaks are far superior. I was a loyal Omaha fan many years ago when they had a quality product to sell. They will replace your meat if you complain, but, they replace it with more mediocre meat.

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          1. re: Just Larry

            Coupon's in the trash.

          2. I agree - don't bother with these steaks. However, you might try the fine (but pricey) aged steaks from Taylor's, a butcher in Monrovia, Ca (just east of Pasadena off the 210).

            You will NOT be disappointed. Sear these babies briefly on the grill then cook longer over indirect heat - voila!