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Jan 28, 2008 11:14 AM

Craving Paella

Where can a girl get some paella around town? T accessible preferred, but not exclusive.


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  1. I haven't had it, but have heard that Toro has a good one.

    1. The Portuguese version (spelled paelha) you can get at Casa Portugal and Sunset. Both have done it pretty well, although its basic long grain rice, but Casa Portugal is more consistent overall and Sunset has been on a slide for a while. Portugalia also offers it (spanish spelling), but I have only had their arroz de marisco which wasn't 100% (JJ's also carries it) so didn't order the paelha. Arroz de marisco can sometimes be more brothy and usually has more types of seafood (sometimes no pork/chicken), but can be quite similar. PB Restaurant in Everett I have had good luck with the Brazilian side and I believe their Arroz de Marisco is more like paella. I think someone also mentioned Con Sol might serve it and they were initially advertising not just Portuguese, but plates from the whole Iberian penninsula. Still trying to get there -- I struck out once again trying to go there last week and went to Izzy's (arroz con pollo Thursdays). I made paella this past weekend due to a similar craving.

      1. I can confirm that both of Toro's paella options (Valenciana and vegetariana) are quite good.

        It's been years since I ordered either, but I used to think highly of both of Dali's versions, too: Valenciana, with meat and seafood, and the seafood-only "del oceano", which included a half-lobster.

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          Had Toro's version about six months ago. Extraordinary.

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            Dali's seafood paella was not good for awhile (too dry and overcooked seafood), but whoever's been doing it for the last year or so is excellent. Seafood is perfectly cooked; haven't seen lobster in the del Oceano version, although that would cause my best friend to order it every time we go there!

          2. I actually really like Merengue's rendition of paella. It's a Dominican restaurant in Dorchester off Blue Hill Ave. Easily the most flavorful rice I've had in Boston - and I used to live in southern Spain. The rice is plate-lick-clean good.

            1. I've never had Toro's either, but I've always been intrigued. Nice to hear that it's good.

              I have to get to Casa Portugal and Con Sol now that O Cantinho left me.

              I also owe Dali a visit - haven't been in a long time.

              Thanks for the ideas!