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Jan 28, 2008 11:13 AM

King Cake?

Can you get a King Cake in St. Louis? From a real bakery?

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  1. McArthurs has king cake and Paczki's too. I've tried the Paczki's- they are wonderful. I can't speak to the king cake but my mom loves it. They suggest you call ahead with your order.

    1. Ditto on McArthurs - I am sure Federhoffers and other bakeries have them as well. National/Schnucks and Dierbergs also have the Paczki's this time of year - yummy yummy!

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      1. re: TwoPointers

        If you are going to make a trip to McArthurs, then skip the grocery store Paczki's! Don't even bother with them. They don't even come close. I had to force myself to keep driving past McArthurs today so I didn't stop in for more of them. They are absolutely perfect. Light and fluffy dough, not too sweet, excellent fillings. YUM. The grocery store versions are more like filled donuts. They are ok but not worth the $$, in my opinion. :o)

        1. re: lrstl

          I'm going to definitely make a trip to McArthur's - those boxed ones just okay. Thanks for the info!!

      2. Thanks for all the tips! I'll try the McArthurs.