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Jan 28, 2008 11:11 AM

Your fave spicy snacks?

I'm craving something spicy today.

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  1. even though I hate the name, I love the "oriental snack mix" with rice crackers and wasabi peanuts. I got addicted to it in Hawaii when they gave it out at our resort with free happy hour mai tais. Yummmm

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    1. If you look at this link, towards the bottom is a recipe for Cayenne Pretzels, which is very good. You can make them spicier if you add more cayenne.

      1. A bit pedestrian but Buffalo Wings are my number one.

        Also Chips and Salsa

        Hot and Spicy Chex mix used to be good.... now it is hard to find and terrible. alas...

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          Here is a link to a recipe for the ultimate homemade snack mix on one of my favorite food blogs. It can be tweaked to be as spicy as you like.

        2. I haven't had it in ages, but I love spicy punjabi mix.

          1. this sounds good


            for spicy chips, i like the blair's variety....and if you are looking for more substatial...what about samosas?

            if you want an artery clogger, i love those jalapeno popper things with the cream cheese.......

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              My brother in law is addicted to those jalapeno poppers from the frozen foods section. My sister generally keeps them on hand for him, but one time they ran out so he spread crackers with cream cheese and topped it with a jalapeno slice. He liked it so much he now has that as a regular item in his snack rotation, but he has taken to first mixing hot sauce into the cream cheese to kick it up even more. I had a bite of one once and almost gagged, but I hate jalapenos so I should have known better.