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Your fave spicy snacks?

I'm craving something spicy today.

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  1. even though I hate the name, I love the "oriental snack mix" with rice crackers and wasabi peanuts. I got addicted to it in Hawaii when they gave it out at our resort with free happy hour mai tais. Yummmm

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    1. If you look at this link, towards the bottom is a recipe for Cayenne Pretzels, which is very good. You can make them spicier if you add more cayenne.


      1. A bit pedestrian but Buffalo Wings are my number one.

        Also Chips and Salsa

        Hot and Spicy Chex mix used to be good.... now it is hard to find and terrible. alas...

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          Here is a link to a recipe for the ultimate homemade snack mix on one of my favorite food blogs. It can be tweaked to be as spicy as you like.

        2. I haven't had it in ages, but I love spicy punjabi mix.

          1. this sounds good


            for spicy chips, i like the blair's variety....and if you are looking for more substatial...what about samosas?

            if you want an artery clogger, i love those jalapeno popper things with the cream cheese.......

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              My brother in law is addicted to those jalapeno poppers from the frozen foods section. My sister generally keeps them on hand for him, but one time they ran out so he spread crackers with cream cheese and topped it with a jalapeno slice. He liked it so much he now has that as a regular item in his snack rotation, but he has taken to first mixing hot sauce into the cream cheese to kick it up even more. I had a bite of one once and almost gagged, but I hate jalapenos so I should have known better.

            2. p.s. how about hot fries? the andy capp things...can't get them here, but i get them every time i go to the states...love em !

              1. Target has a bagged pretzel snack mix (Archer Farms, I think) that is sweet and spicy--I'm completely addicted.

                1. Go to your local Korean grocery and pick up an assortment of banchan. It's not really finger food, but there are a lot of salty, spicy, tasty banchan that make great snacks.

                  1. My faves are Jalapeno Pretzel pieces, chips & spicy salsa and of course Habanero Doritos!

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                      I love spicy food and have become addicted to a few different types of Indian chips which I order on-line. Below are two of these suppliers and some of their best chips/snacks.

                      Kaju Mix
                      Mint Lacha (the name is misleading, these are spicy potato sticks


                      Under the 'Deep Khakhara" brand
                      Hot Mix (Extra Hot) 14.1 oz/400g bag

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                        Hot cherry peppers out of the jar
                        UTZ Ret Hot Potato chips
                        Fiery Habanero Doritos

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                          I second that, Wasabi peas are the best.

                        2. all Indian snack foods: chaats, samosas, pakoras, mmmh

                          Indian trail mix of spicey crunchy chick pea flower crispies and puffed rice and nuts and dried roasted lentils and chickpeas with nuts and seasoned with spices and red chili powder...mmmmmh

                          1. Trader Joe's Thai Chili Lime Peanuts or Cashews.
                            Wasabi Peas.

                            1. Hot Nuts or Lay's Curry are good too !!!

                              1. As already mentioned, I'll also say Punjab mix and Wasabi peas.

                                1. Pickled jalapeño peppers, filled with tuna fish or jalapeños on a tuna sandwich
                                  Refried beans with jalapeño peppers
                                  Hot salsa mixed with non fat, no calorie Thousand Island dressing on lettuce
                                  Cold sliced cabbage with my hot hot Rubio's "like" salsa (that I make form chili flakes)
                                  My kimchi

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                                    Can you tell me more about this no calorie Thousand Island?

                                  2. another vote for wasabi peas.

                                    i also make my own spicy corn chips - they're super-easy & delicious.
                                    -mix 3 T lime juice & 1 T oil in a mister/sprayer [i use a misto]
                                    -combine equal parts cumin, smoked paprika, sea salt & chili powder [increase this if you want more heat] in a bowl
                                    - cut store-bought corn tortillas into triangles & spread out on a sheet pan
                                    - mist triangles lightly with lime juice/oil mixture, sprinkle generously with spice mixture
                                    - bake at 400 degrees for 4-5 min
                                    - remove pan from oven, turn chips over, season other side, and return to oven for another 4-5 min
                                    - cool on a rack, and enjoy1

                                    if there are any left over [which is rare], they keep really well in a sealed plastic bag.

                                    1. I like these Sri Lankan snacks, made of chick pea flour (I believe) and deep fried into large, irregularly shaped chunks. They are hard as rocks and highly spiced and very satisfying. I don't know what they're called. I don't buy them very often because I tend to eat the whole package in one evening…

                                      1. Salt and Vinegar Chips garnished with Sriracha. Or any chip really...

                                        1. Totally gross, but I love Tabasco-flavored Cheez-Its. Unsupervised, I could eat a whole box without thinking about it.

                                          1. Dried shredded squid.
                                            C'mon, someone back me up on this.

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                                              i can vouch for dried spicy stingray.
                                              I'm watching Sam the Cooking Guy make his own chili nuts right now, & i have to admit, i'm inspired.

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                                                Big squid, looks like a squid rollup, and the vietnamese hot mango slices .also left over kimchi on white rice. now i'm hungry.

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                                                  I love spicy dried squid! I got hooked on this while I was in China.

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                                                    I also love the spicy/sweet pork jerky i have in the small markets in Hong Kong but can't seem to find over hare.

                                                    1. re: currymouth

                                                      I love the spicy jerkys from the Hong Kong Supermarket on Rt 18 in E. Brunswick? Have you tried there?

                                                      1. re: Passadumkeg

                                                        I shop there 3 to 4 times a week and have tried just about everything on that wall. But it's not the same as HK. have you tried the lunch buffett there?. Decent home cooking at a great price.

                                                        1. re: currymouth

                                                          Man, my wife thought I was crazy the first time I insisted the by the pound buffet, I grabbed a warm can of coconut juice, a bunch of seafood and we chowed down at the dirty formica table. Me no crazy, no longa. Food like that doesn't exist in Maine.

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                                                            One of the reasons we still live in jersey is HK supermarket. Next time you are in town , try the spicy pig's ears and duck. both brought in fresh every morning from Chinatown.

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                                                              I've even turned my 92 year old mom to the HK Market, one of my kids was a sushi chef(He's moved to Costa Rica) and bought his knives at the HKM. I noticed your interest in Scandinavian food, I get my herring at the Polish market on Main in South River. Know any good sources for Scan Chow, besides IKEA? When we go into the city we hit the Scandinavinian Societie's cafe on Park Ave. Designed by the chef at Adkovit, but ever sooo much cheaper. I had a buddy visit from Norway last summer and he brought 10(Yes 10!) different types of adkovit. In precisely 2 weeks we'll be in the air flying from Bangor to Austin, Tx, to visit out daurghter for 10 days. Boy are we looking to the food and the change. Its been a tough winter up here and another snow storm tonight!
                                                              Oh yes, back to HKM we often hit the buffet when entering and the sushi when leaving. Enjoy!

                                                              1. re: Passadumkeg

                                                                No Scandinavinian joints here so the nearest is in the city. but check out Ikea again. their selection has improved quite a bit. As for Aquavit,It may be our national drink, but it all taste like old socks to me. even the batches my grandfather brewed up in his basement with his special ingreadient........ plum pits. Austin will be a great trip. great food and lots of spicy treats. have a good trip.

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                                                                  You must be of Danish stock. I've tasted old socks that tasted better than Alborg! Now good Norwegian Linje..... tastes better than new socks!

                                                                  My favorite spicy snack? Stoly Pepper Vodka! Ochen Horrorshow!

                                                                  1. re: Passadumkeg

                                                                    Nope , Norwegian, try taquila blanco infused with half a scotch bonnet pepper. no lime. no salt. best thing for that morning after.

                                                                    1. re: currymouth

                                                                      I lived in Norway for 5 years and spice does not exist there, but the hot dogs w/ shrimp salad heaped on top are wicked good!!

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                                                                        I'm from Horten, but the family lives in Tonsberg. I went home last Feb and spice does indeed exist.I found a Thai grocery in Horten.A Pilipino Resturant/ grocery in Oslo, and oddly enough, a West Indian Resturant in Hell.No the food was not that hot.When i was a kid we would wait for the shrimp boats to come in with shrimp already boiled on board, and peel and eat on the bridge over the canal in Horten.

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                                                    meee toooo i luv the chili flavored dried squid!

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                                                      O! I can't even tell you how many times I've had to force my husband to hide the bag of squid from me ... I've also had so many tummy aches from binging.
                                                      Mmmmm. Spicy pig ears .... good one.
                                                      Second the jalepeno poppers. Think I'll have to make a project out of that next wkend. I never want to afford them at the pub.

                                                      1. re: morefuuud

                                                        How far are you from "Hongcouver"? Some of the best Chinese food out of HK.Other than NY is in Vancouver. It has been years but I remember it vividly.

                                                        1. re: currymouth

                                                          Lived in Vancouver a couple of years, and yes - some great food there. But I grew up in Scarborough, Ontario - an entire suburb of Asians - so we knew where to get / eat the best stuff too. I think some of the best, dirtiest, tiniest quality places to eat Asian food in Canada is Scarborough!

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                                                      DH likes the dried spicy squid from the Japanese supermarkets in our area...

                                                    3. Wasabi, in anything. Spicy bombay snack mix. Chile peanuts.

                                                      1. chili crab

                                                        devilled eggs with lots of paprika

                                                        spicy bakkwa (sheets of meat jerky)

                                                        skewers of five-spice tofu skin stewed in spicy sauce

                                                        bhel poori

                                                        spicy nori seaweed (the kind that comes in little snack packs)

                                                        cubes of jalapeno jack cheese (esp. with a nice, crisp apple)

                                                        [and obviously i have to fall behind the wasabi rice cracker / wasabi peas mix banner, too.]

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                                                          Gahhh... I LOVE bak kwa!!! My parents just got back from Singapore and brought back pounds of it - soooo good!!

                                                          1. re: hangrygirl

                                                            And it gives your jaw a nice workout! I wish I'd thought to import more of it. The one package I brought back was gone within a week.

                                                            1. re: hangrygirl

                                                              Just curious, how did your parents got bakkwa into the country? I love bakkwa too (I get it in Hong Kong), but I always have to rush to finish it before I come back to the states. It'd be awesome if I could find a way to bring it home.

                                                              1. re: Humbucker

                                                                In the US, you smuggle. Hangrygirl is located in the UK and Norway, it appears.

                                                          2. My favorite Wasabi Coated Soybeans - they are excellent - I like them better than the Wasabi coated peas -

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                                                              wasabi peas
                                                              kim chee
                                                              taste o' texas (is that the name?) hot pickled okra (jarred, in the pickle aisle)
                                                              melted pepper jack on an english muffin
                                                              (I'm doing weight watchers, and these are all healthy, too!)

                                                            2. Sriracha flavored Lay's STAX - gotta do this yourself by squeezing some on each crisp but I keep hoping they will market this flavor.

                                                              Cholula dribbled over pork rinds. Not a pretty sight and usually done when alone but really good.

                                                              1. Also remember Jamaican hot patties. Cut an opening in the middle and add pepperjack cheese and a dash of hotsauce. Either homemade or Matouks from Trinidad.

                                                                1. Blue Diamond Wasabi and Soy Almonds. Highly addictive.

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                                                                    1. re: chefschickie

                                                                      yes! also the jalapeno smokehouse ones! or Lida's picante corn nuggets, those are super tasty. but..... the reigning champion in my book is the kettle spicy thai potato chips. The most delicious and addictive chips ever. hands down.

                                                                  1. Sweet Chinese sausage wrapped in a ball of sticky rice and repeatedly dunked in really spicy chili-garlic sauce.

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                                                                    1. re: linxi

                                                                      This is my favorite place to get SPICY SNACKS - love them !!!!!