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Jan 28, 2008 10:37 AM

3 Days in S.F, and 3 in Sonoma

I will be in San Fran for 3 days / nights and in Sonoma for the same period of time. Any recommendations of restaurants for lunch and dinner would be greatly appreciated. Any price range is fine, and I would love recommendations for great fancy restaurants and great hole in the walls, with the quality of food being the most important thing, of course.

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  1. If you start with this thread, you will get much more beneficial responses!

    1. We've had some really great visitor reports in the last week that you may find helpful:

      free sample addict aka Tracy L's:




      An excellent research thread by Tony, who was unfortunately not able to come, but others should benefit from it:

      1. I can recommend a few places in Sonoma County. Fancy: Cyrus - Healdsburg, The Farm House - Forestville, Odessey and Mirpoix - Windsor. Hole in the Walls - Ravenous - Healdsburg; Local Favorites: Ume and Chinois - Windsor; Zin - Healdsburg.

        1. i should also say that Odessey and Mirpoix are casual and cozy but the food is very upscale. Everything is fairly casual up here.

          1. In western Sonoma County, there's Underwood Bar & Bistro for dinner, across the street is Willowood Cafe for breakfast/lunch in Graton. On the coast there's Rivers End in Jenner and Lucas Wharf in Bodega Bay. Not fancy just Sonoma County.