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Jan 28, 2008 10:37 AM

Foil and alzheimer's -parchment paper

I have read recently about how dangerous aluminum foil is in regards to Alzheimer’s disease. I have switched to parchment paper. Does anyone have a brand/type that they recommend- bleached versus unbleached?

If I were roasting or chicken vegetables, I use to cover them with foil to keep the moisture in and only take it off the last 10 minutes or so. For those of you who no longer use foil have you found a way to achieve similar results?

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  1. The aluminum-Alzheimer's link is overhyped, IMHO. Junk science. Back to your question: parchment paper is silicon-coated, and you can use it just like foil, except that it will darken as you cook. I've used parchment under loaves of bread baked at 450-500 degrees for 30 minutes and it didn't burst into flames (or even smoke), so I'd think you could use it just like foil for your roasting without any problems.

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      Ever try silicon sheets? I've been using them for muffins for months and they're great. I have now bought a flat sheet, has anyone tried then/can comment.

      P.S. I also love silicon oven mits, because I tend to be messy and they are really easy to clean, I use the dishwasher!

    2. I used to have great luck with Reynold's oven bags. I did chickens, beef roasts, even hot wings in them. The only thing about them is that you need to start the food in the bag and then open it up near the end to let the steam out and dry out the food just a little or to crisp it. Reverse technique, but it works. It also keeps you oven really clean.

      BTW, I won't use aluminum pots, but I have never heard about foil being a problem. Do you have a link?

      1. Folks, discussion of alternatives to aluminum foil is fine, but discussion of links between foil and alzheimer's is off-topic. Please keep the discussion focused on alternatives and not on the validity of the science.

        The Chowhound Team