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Jan 28, 2008 10:18 AM

good take-out near hosp special surg/E 70

Hi all,

My honey had surgery this morning at the Hospital for Special Surgery (70th and York). I want to bring him dinner so he doesn't have to eat the hospital food. I really don't know the upper east side well. Any suggestions would be welcome. TIA!

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  1. I'm not that familiar with the area, but remembered this thread, which might be helpful:

    We have ordered take out from Orsay, on Lex and 75th or so, for my BIL when he was at Lenox Hill, but that might be a bit too far for you.

    Edit - I would make sure that he's allowed to have dinner - ran into that issue after placing an order once for aforementioned BIL.

    1. are you looking for a specific type of food? there so many options.

      1. You may not believe this and it was about 8 years ago, but I had a surgery there and the food was actually quite good. To this day, I say one of the best turkey sandwiches I ever had was post-surgery (maybe I was swayed b/c I hadn't eaten in 28 hours)

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          Thanks for the quick replies!

          MMRuth, thanks for the link. It was foot surgery, he'll be able to eat! :-) Just checked Orsay's menu online ... too pricey!

          fein, we like most anything. Maybe comfort food? Any good pub food? Shepherd's pie or something?

          offthebeatenpath1, I'm skeptical. I think it might have been the lack of food for so long.

          1. re: justmoi

            Just talked to him. He wants McDonalds.


            1. re: justmoi

              I can understand your skepticism. Luckily (Knock on wood), i have not had a reason to go back and test the food again.