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Take-Out: To Tip or Not To Tip ? [Moved from Quebec board]

When getting take-out or pick-up, do you tip or not tip? If so, what percentage do you tip?
( I am not talking about fast food joints)

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  1. I mostly don't on pick-up except for the sushi joints where I know they prep guys get a share. It's typically a good investment too....

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      Yeah, I used to tip the guys as well at a local sushi joint which resulted in extra fish for me.

    2. I don't tip on pick-up as there is no "service" involved except handing me a bag. ;-) But maybe I'm alone.

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        I sometimes think that way too, but the truth is that there is SOME service involved, even with carry out. Someone needs to take your order, enter it into the computer, and package the food for take out. I hostess part time at a small, upscale restaurant that doesn't do carry out as a rule, but will if we're not too busy. When someone calls in a carry-out order it's my job to ask the kitchen if they can fit it in, take the order, and flag down the bartender to enter it in the computer. Nothing too difficult, but it does take me away from the door, and it requires a little time and effort to do something out of the ordinary. For these reasons, I always appreciate it when the customer leaves a small tip!! :)

      2. I usually tip 10% as was recommended to me by a waitress friend. That is unless I get some 'tude or crappy service.

        1. What about at food courts? I never do, but on second thought if the people preparing get a bit then I would be inclined to tip.

          1. Never tip on take-out.

            1. If it's well packaged (ie, soups well sealed, bags reasonable to be carried, etc) then I normally tip about 10% of the pre-tax total. I'm thinking specifically of the places that we take out from which are places that we also dine in on occasion....not take-out only places. In take-out only places, I tip if they provide uniquely excellent service.

              I don't think that my habits are normal, for the most part, as I have gleaned from other similar threads that most don't tip for pickup.

              1. depends on the type of takeout. pizzas will get a couple of bucks "good karma" money. "involved" takeout such as multiple-box asian, with sauces, sticks, pancakes, etc packaged neatly will get approx 10%. if dining in and also getting packaged food to go (all on one bill) i tip normally, as if the food was being served at the table. otherwise i play it by ear, you get better food if you tip. i'm actually considering stopping the tips at our local burrito emporium because our portions have grown to a ridiculous size and it's hard to carry the bulging boxes home! kidding, but not much.

                1. typically when I do take out it I place my order at the bar area of the restaurant, and have a few drinks while I wait. So I tip a minimum of 20% on the food I carry out, and the drinks I consume.

                  1. If you do a search you will see that this topic has been pretty well covered and the answer is some people do and some don't. I do, a couple of bucks never more than five.




                    1. I stopped in at a new Take and Bake pizza place last week. I charged the pizzas, and was taken aback at seeing a line for a tip on the charge slip. In a panic, I just drew a line through it (no tip), but have been mulling over ever since if I should have tipped. Will they spit on my pizza next time I go in??

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                        i think this is just because they use one standard machine for charging or interac type stuff. The restaurant where i get my regular kung pao take out, when i use the debit machine, the "tip y/n" option comes up and i just usually cancel through it. When i eat in the same restaurant i tip very well, and they know me there....this is not a place that has very involved take out containers, it simply goes into a styro container the same way it would on a plate.

                        I may however, leave a little next time...i have a habit of picking up such things. Never used to tip at Tim Horton's either, until i saw a few other people leaving change on the counter at the drive-thru..sometimes i do, sometimes i don't (when inside the place, i put my tip money in the TH's camp charity container)

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                          Since this was a take and bake place, there was no eat-in option. I thought maybe the machine just "automatically" inclduded a tip line. But if they didn't expect tips, couldn't they change that? At least they didn't have tip jar out. Although that would have made the answer more obvious.

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                            What about curbside-to-go places....where someone brings the food out to your car? I feel like a tip is in order, but how much?

                      2. In the UK, you would be thought very, very weird if you even considered tipping on take-out.