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Jan 28, 2008 10:15 AM

Take-Out: To Tip or Not To Tip ? [Moved from Quebec board]

When getting take-out or pick-up, do you tip or not tip? If so, what percentage do you tip?
( I am not talking about fast food joints)

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  1. I mostly don't on pick-up except for the sushi joints where I know they prep guys get a share. It's typically a good investment too....

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    1. re: ScoobySnacks20

      Yeah, I used to tip the guys as well at a local sushi joint which resulted in extra fish for me.

    2. I don't tip on pick-up as there is no "service" involved except handing me a bag. ;-) But maybe I'm alone.

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      1. re: kpzoo

        I sometimes think that way too, but the truth is that there is SOME service involved, even with carry out. Someone needs to take your order, enter it into the computer, and package the food for take out. I hostess part time at a small, upscale restaurant that doesn't do carry out as a rule, but will if we're not too busy. When someone calls in a carry-out order it's my job to ask the kitchen if they can fit it in, take the order, and flag down the bartender to enter it in the computer. Nothing too difficult, but it does take me away from the door, and it requires a little time and effort to do something out of the ordinary. For these reasons, I always appreciate it when the customer leaves a small tip!! :)

      2. I usually tip 10% as was recommended to me by a waitress friend. That is unless I get some 'tude or crappy service.

        1. What about at food courts? I never do, but on second thought if the people preparing get a bit then I would be inclined to tip.

          1. Never tip on take-out.