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Jan 28, 2008 10:14 AM

Where Should I Hold My Birthday?

I'm trying to think of a place with a good-sized bar that's not ridiculously crowded on a Friday night, decent food, and reasonably close to a subway stop. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. I'm not sure about the ridiculously crowded part; but otherwise, I think Eastern Standard would be a good choice.

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      I'd recommend Dillon's on Boylston St. It's right near the Green Line Hynes Convention stop and the food is pretty good. I had a salad with scallops on it a few weeks ago there and they were some of the best scallops I've ever had. My friend had their lobster mac and cheese and loved it. The only not so great item was the fish and chips. Happy bday!

    2. Beacon St. Tavern might work. Maybe Ivy. Sidney's in the MIT Hotel has a large area but it may be too quiet (not sure how crowded it gets for dinner). For casual, Cambridge One by the Fenway.

      1. Cuchi Cuchi on Main St. in Cambridge is a fun and memorable place, is on the Red Line but unfortunately, gets pretty crowded on Friday nights. Good tapas too. Drinks are outstanding but expensive.