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Triscuits flavors...any good?

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Has anyone tried the newer Triscuit crackers with olive oil and tomato, rosemary, or cracked pepper? I've been eating my favorite Tasty Little Crackers, but I want to give these Triscuits a try if they are any good!

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  1. I live on the garlic ones, but Holy Moses do they give you stinky breath! Good thing my husband devours them too.

    1. I thought the tomato ones tasted very processed/artificial, like they were sprinkled with some terrible seasoning packet.

      Whereas I really like rosemary, I did not like it with my triscuits. It seemed a bit overpowering.

      I think I'll stick to the original, because some things just can't/shouldn't be improved upon, IMO.

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        All the flavored ones taste like that to me too - artificial/processed and like the stuff sprinkled on them is chemicals. I just don't like any of them.

      2. Don't know why I bought the Rosemary in the first place (I'm a "classic" fan), but I really like 'em.

        Think I might try the garlic...and spendng the weekend alone!

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        1. re: Muskrat

          I love the rosemary & olive oil Triscuits too -- but if they ever put Wrachael Wray on the box and start calling them R&EVOO, I will definitely stop buying them.

          Interesting info on the garlic version. I am spending the week alone, so may give these a try!

        2. I tried the garlic and rosemary but I too prefer the classic flavor.. The low fat Triscuits are good, as I cut put a bit more blue cheese and still not feel guilty.

          1. The rosemary flavoring is very intense. I wouldn't recommend them.

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              I also found the rosemary triscuits a little too intense. I had them at my girlfriends house and we put a little plain ff cream cheese on them to help ease back on the rosemary flavor when we snacking on them. They were also ok broken up over a salad when she realized she didn't have any crackers or croutons and we needed a textural contrast.

            2. I've tried Rosemary and Cracked Pepper, enjoyed the rosemary but am a HUGE fan of the pepper. I highly recommend them!

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                1. re: bobfxd

                  Have to agree. Our personal favoriute. Rye rules!

                  1. re: scubadoo97

                    rye has been around a while, right? i think i recall them -- and they were very good and rye-y.

                2. re: ark1118

                  Yea, I was especially wondering about cracked pepper flavor, because I love a strong pepper flavored snack, like the Kettle Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper chips. The kettle chips are so oily, and I always feel guilty eating them, so replacing them with the triscuits would be great.

                  1. re: avena

                    The cracked pepper flavor definitely has a strong pepper flavor. I really like them with a bit of sharp cheddar.

                    1. re: avena

                      I love the cracked pepper Triscuits. As a matter of fact, when I first tried them I told my boyfriend that they might just supplant my bad salt and pepper potato chip habit!

                    2. re: ark1118

                      I agree. I've only tried the Cracked Black Pepper and I loved them!

                    3. The tomato ones were terrible, but I loved the rosemary and black pepper triscuits.

                      1. The rosemary and black pepper ones have MSG in them in case it matters to anyone. I like the Herb Garden ones, no msg.

                        1. Love the garlic ones & rosemary, the pepper ones are nasty.

                          1. I like all of them except for the cheddar, they taste stale everytime.

                            There is a new fire roasted zesty tomato something that is awesome. Then I'd rank them: rosemary, black pepper, garlic, garden herb, and cheddar last. Haven't tried the rye.

                            1. Deli Rye is the only one that doesn't taste dominated by MSG (mind you, there are times I want crackers to the dominated by that taste - like the old vegetable thins and chicken in a biskit, et cet.). It's flavor is dominated by caraway and rye/deli sour.

                              1. Love the rosemary ones.

                                1. As I type this, I am eating a cracked pepper / olive oil Triscuit with some Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar and a glass of cheap cab. The pepper is great...not as overpowering as the rosemary. I highly recommend it.