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Jan 28, 2008 09:56 AM

WOW factor in Vancouver?

Looking to give a wonderful lady a gastronomic experience that she won't soon forget. The setting doesn't necessarily have to be romantic. Interaction, service, and taste are all very important. Think along the lines of fantastic tasting menus. Tojos has already been done, but anything else is fair game. Have any ideas for me?

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      1. I love the two places already suggested. And I'll add Rare as a suggestion. As a nice plus, they personalize your menus with your name (though I didn't get that last time I went, but I suspect that's because we went during Dine-Out).

        1. Loved West and Parkside but I have to say Rare was fabulous and fun and very reasonable. We don't usually go back to the same restaurants when visiting Vancouver but this Feb. we are going to go to Rare again!