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Jan 28, 2008 09:51 AM

Family Friendly Super Bowl Spot, Providence

Does anyone know of a place in or around Providence & vicinity to watch the superbowl that won't get too too crazy on Sunday? My son is just starting to understand football and I'd like to take him somewhere that will be fun but not too overwhelming for a 7 year old. Good food and drinks are a huge plus.


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  1. Maybe Chelo's on the Pawtucket line?

    1. Not so much for the Cuisine (no offense to them!) but I have a boy that age and I'd take him to Hope Street Pizza. There's a good sized tv hat is always tune to the Pats and has a good number of watchers, in their not very old expansion/bar area, and yet it's a very, very family scene. The owners and employees are very friendly and welcoming and will make stuff like pasta w/bechamel sauce for the picky kid. It's a great place.

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        Thanks for the recommendations; I hadn't thought of any of the family-style chains, that's a good one. (Since it is the superbowl, I would like to have at least one beer. I think that rules out Hope Street Pizza, but definitely want to try it another time!)

        1. re: dagwood

          Really? I don't think i've ever seen a pizza place that didn't serve beer.

          1. re: JaneRI

            I checked out their menu online & it only listed soft drinks & the like. Maybe moonpie could confirm....

              1. re: invinotheresverde

                Hope St. Pizza has an entire BAR----added on sometime in the last year or so (I lose track)---they expanded into another whole space for the bar w/tv, etc----the bar area always has a good sized crowd and I've picked up takeout during games----lots of game watchers. Full bar w/full menu in there, and also several non-bar tables just outside of the bar area if you don't want to sit right in the bar w/your son (though on Superbowl Sunday, I would)----bar area has regular tables as well, not just a bar.

                East Ave Cafe is also a good choice----more tvs, definitely kid friendly. But the food there has been really inconsistent for me. I think they're under new ownership or mgmt or something now---could be worth a try.

                Dave's Bar & Grill in Warwick (Post Rd, near airport) is also a very popular sports watching spot----all tables are high stool-style, though. Not great for all kids. I've been there w/my kids and they liked it, even when the 7 yr old was younger.

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                  Re: Hope St.

                  The bar is always crowded, so get there early on Sunday if you want a place to sit.

      2. I'd recommend the East Ave Cafe....decent food, beer, not too expenseive, lots of TVs to watch the game, not a chain, raucously loud but still kid-friendly--

        342 East Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860-3821
        Tel: (401) 725-9520

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          Ah, the East Ave Cafe. Back in the day it was known as the First Chance/Last Chance Cafe, for its location on the outskirts of downtown Pawtucket, home to many a workingman's bar.

          Back then, when watering holes didn't check IDs especially well, the FC/LC was kid friendly in another kind of way IYKWIMAITYD. 8>D

          The FC/LC was also the first place I ever got to watch a big screen tv, and also eat stuffies.

          Good times, good times.

          1. re: Bob W

            The Corona girls are going to be at the East Ave. Sunday. I don't know if you consider that an child-friendly environment.

            1. re: invinotheresverde

              Not exactly. Thanks for the info. I'm not really sure where we'll end up yet. I won't get home from school until close to 6 so by the time we get anywhere it will be between 6 & 6:30. At this point I think I may be trying to just find someplace that will have a table for us (and no Corona girls :)

        2. hope you find a place
          big news story on ch4 last night that all kinds of places with screens larger than 55" were sent letters all over the country by the nfl forbidding them from showing the super bowl
          some thing about intelectual property (yeah right intelectual my butt it's football no brain needed)