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Jan 28, 2008 09:51 AM

San Diego/La Jolla & Soccer Tornament

I am flying into San Diego and staying in the La Jolla for 6 days for a soccer tournament with my 16 year old son and 17 of his teammates over Easter in March. I am in need of several suggestions for the San Diego/La Jolla area.I do not get to vacation alot so I make the most of these tournaments.

I have a few days of just him and I and several with some or all of the team.
If it's just him and I we only steer clear of heavy middle eastern.indian influence otherwise we eat just about everything else. Sushi, Veggies, Seafood, Fish, Chicken, Meats, Pastas....

1.) Mom & Son Dinner
am making him bring a button down shirt for this one :-)

2.) Breakfast & Brunch (he's a big breakfast all day kinda kid)

3.) Amazing Seafood

4.) Diner/Comfort Food

5.) Neighborhood Favorite

6.) Anything Asian inspired

7.) Lunch!

8.) Cannot. should not be missed, Would die happy having had a meal from here. (Want to come home raving about this meal!)

Now for the real challenge:
I am looking for somewhere that I can take 60 players and it HAS to be healthy Chicken, veggies, pastas. This is for a team dinner U16, 17 and 18 Boys! They have good manners or the coach packs them up and puts them on a plane home IMMEADIATELY
It does need to be reasonably priced and several Long Tables

I appreciate any feedback you can give me.


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  1. Do you know where in La Jolla you are staying? (e.g. UTC area or downtown La Jolla). It is only about a 10 minute drive to one or the other, but working in the UTC area I would say that it is mostly chain restaurant hell. Although a couple of the chains aren't so bad (Roy/s (hawaiian/asian fusion) and Sammy's come to mind). As far as your group dinner, not exactly chowish, but there is a place called Pat & Oscars a couple of exits up the freeway in Carmel Valley. They have a covered outdoor patio where I quite frequently see large groups including soccer/baseball teams. They have chicken/pasta/salad/pizza/sandwiches, although I would personally stick to the chicken and salads as I find the pizza pretty bad. It is pretty reasonable (probably around $10/person) and I am sure they are accomodating to big groups of even rowdy kids.

    Again, not chowish, but decent food if you pick the right thing and it might be up your alley in terms of menu and price.

    Asian inspired, you might want to look at Roy's and Roppongi, both in the La Jolla/UTC area.

    1. You have a lot of requests on here, which is great - but many of them have been recently covered on other threads over the past several months - I know for sure there is a recent thread on breakfast. Best thing to do is try a search on the CA board for your specific topics, adding SD or San Diego to make sure you get San Diego info, and then come back for more specifics. Also - there is a big difference between the village of LJ and the UTC area, so if you know the name of your hotel, etc. that will help with nearby recommendations!

      I do agree that Pat and Oscars is a good idea for the team dinner, they will do salads, chicken, etc. and it won't cost an arm and a leg (no pun intended!)

      1. If you can also add your price ranges, that would help as well.

        1. I would 3rd or 4th Pat & Oscars for the team. They have a website and are great for groups. Also, where is the team staying that would probably help us as well.

          In La Jolla the Cottage is a great place for breakfast and Brockton Villa (while not the best food certainly has the best views as it overlooks La Jolla Cove.) There is a place called El Pescador which is a fish market in La Jolla that has great seafood and is a wonderful lunch spot in the Village for you and your son.
          You should also let your son indulge in some of our great Mexican food. I know when I was growing up here it was a staple of my guy friends (who played soccer) to demolish carne asada & california burritos after a game or practice. There are lots of taco shops mentioned on the boards right now.
          In the village of LJ there is a sushi place that does a good happy hour that is fun (not the best sushi ever but acceptable) and would help feed a hungry teenage boy. It is a sit down restaurant that happens to do a sushi happy hour. It is called Sushi on the Rock.
          I am assuming you have a car so here are my choices for a sit down dinner with your son:
          Oceanaire (downtown--some of the best seafood in the city and my currant favorite restaurant and you and your son could check out the gaslamp)
          The Marine Room (in La Jolla Shores--the waves hit the windows but it is expensive and formal)
          Donovans (is a fancy steakhouse across the street from UTC in University City)
          Market (in Del Mar. Serves seasonal local ingredients)
          As far as neighborhood favorites you should really try Hodad's for one of the city's best (if not the best burger) in one of the city's most insteresting neighborhoods Ocean Beach.
          Also for lunch the Cheese Shop in La Jolla shores has great sandwiches and is close to the fields.
          My favorite breakfast place is Parkhouse Eatery in University Heights about 15 minutes from La Jolla.

          So again do you have a car and where will you be staying???

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          1. re: jturtle

            The Marriott in La Jolla,
            4240 La Jolla Village Drive
            La Jolla, California 92037 USA

            and yes I will have a car, this is a must when team traveling since I like to eat a bit nicer and check out the local area and not stay tied to the hotel.

            We are headed to phoenix in Feb for a similar tournament and I have spent a good 3 weeks investigating that area. I got some great Chowhound suggestions for there too.

            Thanks for giving me some solid suggestions and insight as opposed to me trying to cull through 400+ posts on the boards.

            We will do mexican as well but will have had a good mouthful after phoenix. Maybe we should do a taste comparison CA v AZ Mexican food. Personally I love little hole in the walls, plaza joints that you would never otherwise find and the elsuive food truck (amazing cooks who can't afford the overhead of a lease)


            1. re: iguanachef

              If you want to have some amazing Mexican home-cooking, then head down to Normal Heights for Super Cocina. Here's a thread on their dishes, which rotate everyday:


              Head east on LJ Village Drive, take 805 South, exit University Ave., and head east. Super Cocina's just a few blocks away.

              1. re: iguanachef

                You should for sure try out the CA (especially San Diego style) burrito joints. They are different from even those in Los Angeles. Near where you are staying in a strip mall At the corner of Genesee & Govenor (about 7 minutes from your hotel) is a great casual Italian place called Lorna's that is super tasty for lunch or dinner. Right next door is a taco shop that has a great selection of San Diego style burritos and tacos as well as moles.
                From your hotel head west on La Jolla Villiage Drive make a left onto Genessee Ave and make a right onto Govenor Drive and an immediate left into the Vons shopping center.

                Also, the Costa Verde center basically across the street from your hotel has some good quick eats (Sammy's Woodfired Pizza & Bristol Farms) and nicer sit down with Roy's.

                1. re: iguanachef

                  You are in the UTC part of La Jolla.

                  Whole Foods Market on Nobel is good for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. They have a pizza, sandwich and sushi station, salad/soup bar and food to go section. If you eat there, they have a microwave to heat stuff up. I prefer their food to Bristol Farms, which I found bland and not well-executed.

                  Edo Sushi on Towne Center Drive has good sushi for decent prices. Small, casual, family run place. Open for lunch and dinner. If you go for lunch, get there before 12 pm or else you'll wait a long time.

                  Cafe Japengo on La Jolla Village Drive is a trendy, Asian-fusion place. Open for lunch and dinner. Nights can be a scene at the bar.

                  If Mission Cup Cafe is open in La Jolla proper, they have terrific breakfasts and lunches. Asian-Latino style food. They have a special menu for athletes with plates of brown rice, egg white scrambles and black beans-kinds of stuff. Their pancakes and waffles are really good too. It's on Wall St. If they aren't open, go to Pacific Beach to their sister restaurant, Isabel's Cantina. Same people, same food but different setting.

                  Formal dinner--Nine-Ten in La Jolla will fit your budget. Good food, quiet but not stuffy. I would pick Nine-Ten over The Marine Room for food unless you "have" to have waves crashing on your windows.

                  Roppongi's in La Jolla for the best happy hour deal--50% off all their Asian fusion tapas if you sit in the patio area from 4-6 pm every day. Get 2-3 tapas/appetizers per person and you've made a really great meal.

                  Sammy's Woodfired Pizza in the Costa Verde Center on Genessee has good pizzas, pastas and salads. I had a tasty smoked Wisconsin cheese and fennel pizza the other day there. Casual, won't break the bank.

                  Mama Testa's in Hillcrest, about 15-20 min south of UTC has really good tacos for a little more than what you'd pay for at other taquerias, but I think they're worth it. Search the board for more reviews on it.

                  Oceanaire has really good seafood. Another good place for a semi-dress up-casual dinner. Fun, lively atmosphere.

                  Market is one of the best in town.

              2. Original Pancake House on Convoy just south of Balboa in the Kearny Mesa area, not far from La Jolla, has a good breakfast, it's my kid's favorite place to go for breakfast.
                In the same area there are tons of great asian restaurants, dim sum, Japanese, Korean, depends on what you like the most. Buga over by Clairemont Mesa and 805 is a fun grill at the table Korean place that is really tasty.
                Good luck with the tourny!