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Jan 28, 2008 09:48 AM

Vegetarian Dim Sum House

Ever since I've stopped eating meat the one food item that gave my heart a pang was fried pork dumplings. I really missed them.

I've found some veg dumplings that are pretty good (like the pan fried spinach dumplings from Gobo) but never anything that wowed me UNTIL I TRIED VEGETARIAN DIM SUM HOUSE's SNOW PEA LEAVE DUMPLINGS!!!!!! Oh my lord in heaven--DELICIOUS!

What are your favorites from that place? What should I order next time?

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  1. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. My favs at 24 Pell might not be yours depending on your tolerance for weird textures. But here are my favorite dim sum dishes:

    fried turnip cake
    mock ham/coriander rice rolls
    shark fin dumplings - fragrant and subtle, eat before other stronger-flavored dishes.
    fried napa rolls w red sauce
    lotus root dim sum thing, sorry forgot the name
    sticky rice in lotus leaves, the smaller ones that come in two
    fried bananas w honey sauce
    fried or steamed sesame buns, cute and very peanut buttery - also dessert
    mango pudding

    If you miss pork, you might also try Buddha Bodhai at 5 Mott, about a block away. They are famous for their mock BBQ pork.

    1. I love the mock ham and coriander rolls! They are so good. The fried bananas are great too, but heavy.

      1. If you can do a big hunk of fake meat, the honey roasted pork dish (add'l dishes on back side of front cover) is tasty. Also loved the mushroom rice rolls, they make them to order vs other dim sum places so it was fantastic!

        1. VDSH is one of my favorite veg restaurants in Manhattan when I don't care about the carb count or the fry factor.

          It's a great place to go with a group (as are most dim sum restaurants) and I've known the staff from the early 1990s when House of Vegetarian (their other vegetarian Chinese restaurant on Mott Street) was one of the few all-vegetarian restaurants in Manhattan.

          My faves include the fried turnip cake, mixed gluten dish, treasure balls, mashed taro treasure boxes, rice flour rolls with Chinese kale, and if you're lucky to be there on a day when they've made these green melon balls, get them! They're not on the regular menu, but they'll be featured on a "specials" card placed at each table. Yum!