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Sep 9, 2001 08:33 PM

Low Country BBQ in LA

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This is the classic BBQ made in low country South Carolina (around Charleston, Georgetown, Florence), where I grew up after leaving NYC and before coming to LA. I found this recipe in the LA Times more than 10 years ago: Boil pork loin in water with lots of garlic cloves for 2 hours, then roast on a rack for 2 hours while basting every 15 minutes with a red pepper flake - vinegar mix. The meat comes out a bit dry, garlicky, peppery. Serve shredded (it won't slice) on hamburger-type rolls with soul-food type accompaniments such as corn, yams, okra and tomatoes, chili peppers, greens, etc. Moisten the roll, if you wish, with more vinegar/pepper. In this area, I've seen only tomato-type sauces or the like. Know any local purveyors of low-country BBQ?
Thanks, y'all.

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  1. Near as I can tell, there is noplace in LA that is serving real Carolina Barbecue... Brewski's in Hermosa Beach does a fairly credible pulled pork according to my wife who used to live in Virginia and spent plenty of time in the Carolinas. Their sauce isn't really Carolina style, though.

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      i do a version of your carolina bbq... although my family is from macon georgia... my grandpa would take a boston butt (cut of pork shoulder ) from the piggly wiggly and put it in a open pan, glass or metal then pour white vinegar over it , then coat it in cayene pepper (lots) more than you would think is to much... turn the oven on to the lowest setting... around 180 deg f. and leave it over night (8 hours)... in the morning let the roast cool a bit then starting pulling your pork.... (shreds) your sauce is up to you... ketchup base, vinegar, or mustard.... he would take a bottle of regular old "krafts" or "chris and pitts" then "doctor" it up with lots of vinegar and LOTS of tabisco sauce... serve on grilled hamburger buns with sliced vidalia onions and pickles with some slaw on the side.... hope that you enjoy it...

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        MMMM . sounds good! The mustard sauce is the ticket on this one - also, slow smoke with a nice wood smoker for about an hour a pound - hickory is nice - and this is heaven.

        There are few (if any) BBQ joints in So Cal that even compare to BBQ joints in Texas, the Carolinas, KC or Memphis. Hogly Woglys? Dog food. BBQ Kind on Sunset/Figueroa? Pre-cooked, dried out grsitle. That new place on south la cienega? Lame (really nice staff, 'though). The Pig on La Brea? Too fancy and pretty bland. Nope, ya gotta do it yourself or travel.

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          Jesse Thurston

          This past weekend we went down to Solana Beach (just north of San Diego) to see a band, and ended up at an awesome BBQ joint called "Big Jim's Old South BBQ" right off the 5 freeway on PCH in Encinitas. We tried the pulled pork sandwich (good, but a little too smoky for my taste), the ribs (excellent!), and the Tri-Tip Steak Sandwich was to die for. The coleslaw was also tasty, and this place can possibly credited with being the only place in California that knows what the heck Sweet Tea really is. Their stuffed grilled jalapenos are supposed to be good, too.


    2. There was a discussion about this earlier. The first post mentions two places in Long Beach that claim to serve North Carolina style BBQ. Good luck.