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Jan 28, 2008 09:43 AM

appetizer for ceramic spoons

I picked up a bunch of those Chinese spoons, recalling I had seen some cool presentations done using them for appetizers. But now I am stumped. Any ideas?

Also, I would like to do a Scallop hors doeuvre. Anyone have any great recipes?

Thanks in advance

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  1. you could do a scallop ceviche and put it in the spoons

    1. Isreali cous cous
      foams of any sort
      tortelini in broth
      Take a look at Rick Tramonto's book "Amuse- Bouche"

        1. I guess it's a cliche these days but ahi poke would be yummy to me and the ruby red cubes of the tuna look very pretty in those spoons... Here's a quick link:

          1. You can put any one bite of anything on the spoons.

            I've seen a mini ceviche done.
            A single grilled scallop with a little pesto (make sure they're small enough for a single bite)
            One mini meatball with tomato sauce and parmesean
            A single steamed dumpling with a sesame dressing
            White beans with sage and chopped prosuitto

            Your imagination is your guide