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appetizer for ceramic spoons

I picked up a bunch of those Chinese spoons, recalling I had seen some cool presentations done using them for appetizers. But now I am stumped. Any ideas?

Also, I would like to do a Scallop hors doeuvre. Anyone have any great recipes?

Thanks in advance

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  1. you could do a scallop ceviche and put it in the spoons

    1. Isreali cous cous
      foams of any sort
      tortelini in broth
      Take a look at Rick Tramonto's book "Amuse- Bouche"


        1. I guess it's a cliche these days but ahi poke would be yummy to me and the ruby red cubes of the tuna look very pretty in those spoons... Here's a quick link:

          1. You can put any one bite of anything on the spoons.

            I've seen a mini ceviche done.
            A single grilled scallop with a little pesto (make sure they're small enough for a single bite)
            One mini meatball with tomato sauce and parmesean
            A single steamed dumpling with a sesame dressing
            White beans with sage and chopped prosuitto

            Your imagination is your guide

            1. As mentioned by other hounds, most ceviche works well -scallops, tuna, hamachi, etc. Same ingredients can be used to make tartare topped with a bit of caviar or chives or dill

              Vibrant colors are the key to make these ceramic-spoon appetizers stand out.

              Here are some other ideas:
              beet salad
              mango tomato or papaya salsa
              crab salad with avacado mousse
              salmon mousse or gravalax, topped with creme frachie and salmon roe

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                I'd like to try this with tuna for my holiday party. Do you have any suggestions of where to look for photos, recipes or other inspiration?

              2. Isn't there a dish where a small ice cube of very flavorful soup is pleated into a pot sticker and when steamed, the soup melts, gets hot, and is served in such a spoon?

                We used to do sea scallops wrapped in prosciutto with lemon-pepper seasoning on the grill. Maybe you could scale down a large kabob to small skewers, one scallop or even 1/2 scallop per, and broil or pan sear. Prosciutto cooks faster than bacon (the usual wrap), especially if you slice the scallops in half. They'll cook really fast, so you're just crisping up the prosciutto. Maybe a drizzle of OO and lemon zest for presentation.

                1. I'm so glad you posted this question. I need help with the same thing.

                  Last year I made Bloody Mary Shrimp -- with shavings of celery, vodka, tomato broth and a shrimp in my spoons, but I'm looking to do something different for this year's Christmas party. Any one have more ideas?

                  1. We made mini eggs benedicts on spoons for a cocktail party. They were a big hit. Used quail eggs, poached, topped with hollandaise, fried batonets of peameal bacon sprinkled on top and two little crouton spikes at the handle side of the spoon.

                    Now I am craving eggs benny.

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                      That's a fun idea! It wou;d also work well with a sliver of smoked salmon, which works surprisingly well in eggs benedict. The salty, smoky flavor has much of the same flavor profile of canadian bacon, but the texture is smoother, perfect for an appetizer.

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                        I know it's not an appetizer, but I love the look of individual creme brulee spoons. Just enough....