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Jan 28, 2008 09:37 AM


I've eaten 3x @ Arby's in the past weeks. Like the roast beef. But as I was looking at the very thinly slide meat I had the thought, is this a hunk on very thinly slided roast beef or is the pressed beef that has been roasted then sliced? It didn't look like beef but rather if I imagine making spam out of beef and then thinly slicing it.

Don't get me wrong I think the sandwich is good but just cruious, is it pressed meat?

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  1. Arby's stopped serving whole, slow-roasted beef in the 1970s. They then switched to a processed beef product made of trimmed and pressed beef, sealed in a beef solution, and aged in cryovac. Bottom line: it's cheaper.

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      I remember when my son was little and we would go to the mall, he would have an Arby's Jr. We stopped that practice after he got a sandwich with meat that must have been from the day before. It was dry and flakey!

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        I remember late-70's going to Arby's and they had a large roast out in a slicer and sliced the beef to order as you watched. Now I go once in a great while and have a fresh market sandwich, either a BLT or Reuben and of course, a potato cake with lots of Horsey sauce!

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          LOVE that Horsey sauce! I get as much as I can from them and put it on other take out items from other outlets.

      2. I find it amazing that people eat that stuff at Arby's and Subway. It's amazing what people will settle for in terms of calling a foodstuff "meat" these days. I've had roast beef before. Arbys most definitely does not sell anything I'd refer to as roast beef. I've had turkey before. Subway does not sell anything I'd refer to as turkey.

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          Well, there's good nasty food (like say a Steak Um with Cheez Wiz) and there's nasty nasty food. I'd put Arby's in the latter. The "roast beef" is positively spongy; it's like you're eating a Dr. Scholl's Air Pillow Insole that's been soaked in beef boullion.

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            I had to go to Subway this weekend (not my choice), and I saw the chicken breasts sitting least, that's what they were supposed to be. Pale white, fake grill marks, who knows when they were cooked...

          2. I recently had the extreme pleasure of dining at Benjie's New York Style Deli (restaurant) here where I live in the 'OC'. The place is an OC landmark restaurant in business since 1967. Evidnetly they've been doing it right ever since to be in business that long. Now you want to talk about real slow roasted roast beef and beef brisket sandwiches? I don't think you'd ever go back to an Arby's. Both times we've been there the place is jam packed.

            1. The last time I went to Arby's was in the mid 70's. The roast beef was so gross (and so obviously not actually sliced roast beef) that I put a sample in the freezer with plans to have it analyzed by a lab somewhere (I was younger then; now I would just toss it in the trash and move on). I'm pretty sure that I never got around to sending it to the lab though...

              1. Eat some potato cakes with arby/horsie/mustard sauces mixed together and you'll forget all about their crackly beef.

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                  I know its the dregs in terms of quality beef, but I LOVE a LARGE roast beef sandwich.. mmmm..