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Jan 28, 2008 09:22 AM

Nate 'n Al's II - Thousand Oaks?

From LA Eater on last Friday:

"Nate 'n Al's II? —Completely unconfirmed, but news about a venerable deli such as Nate n' Al's is worth throwing out there. From a tipster: "I can't say 100%, but I know the owners are seriously considering a new location in Thousand Oaks area."

Anyone have any information on this? I guess they want to tap into Brent's business?

Bent's customer volume has noticeably declined since it first opened just over a year ago. Can the area handle another Deli (Agoura's Famous/Roxy/Jack's/Rhineland Deli/Pickels Deli & Restaurant)??

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