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Jan 28, 2008 09:02 AM

Infusion question

Just started to do an infusion for SuperBowl.

I have put 4 bottles of 4 Copas Silver Tequila over Pineapple, Cantaloupe and Honeydew. It looks's layered, and is starting to smell and taste great.

The problem is that all these fruits are floating. The layers still look good, but there is some fruit floating above the liquor...not much (just peeking), but enough that I am worried about spoilage, even after just a few days.

Should I not worry? Should I worry? What can I do to push the fruit back down (I thought about weighing it down with a plate)? I would prefer to not ruin the asthetics (layers=purty!), but if I have to, I will. But also I am hesitant to push the fruit down in the infusion after it's hit a little air.

Any ideas? Or is this a non-issue?

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  1. Interesting dilemma.. I think I would have rather started with a nice big jar that I would have help the fruit and all the tequila inside a sealed space. I can see you concern for pushing the fruit back in now, but from a "safety" standpoint I would think that a) 80 proof spirits will kill off all but the most exotic bacteria and mold b) you'd have to drink so much of the tequila to ingest a significant amount of toxins that the booze would do you in before the bug.

    What is probably happening is that there is some wicking taking place, and the voids are causing the fruit to float.

    Fill up a ZipLoc with pebbles and weight the fruit down.

    1. Even if it sinks you might have to worry about "spoilage." An infusion with peeled apples showed that the apples turned brown after 2 days, even though they were not exposed to the air in the jar. For your fruits this isn't so much of an issue, probably.

      1. the only likely problem would be mold, which would be visible very shortly after it arrives. I think if you leave it alone and refrigerate the mix(since it has been soaking for nearly a week now) and taste it. any mold should be apparent in the taste.

        1. It is definitely a non-issue. Your ingredients are in pure distilled spirits and perfectly OK. This sometimes happens. That said, however, fruit on the surface might oxidize and give the liquid an off flavor, but this has never happened in my experience. Looks, however, is a different matter. As long as it tastes great, just scoop off the offending bits before your guests see the bottle.